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  1. Are you asking if you can extend beyond 12 months a task order for a severable service that crosses fiscal years and is funded by an annual appropriation?
  2. I don't think a single NAICS code makes sense for large omnibus contracts, but the choice of NAICS code shouldn't be a surprise when ordering. If there will be multiple NAICS codes for a single contract, maybe each line item should have its own NAICS code.
  3. If the contract required the contractor's personnel to be cleared--and the contractor's employees weren't cleared--how did the contracting officer determine that the contractor was responsible?
  4. Not when FAR 52.222-43 is in the solicitation. See FAR 52.222-43(b).
  5. How about the following? "A requirement is the difference between the present state of affairs and a future state of affairs that is necessary for an agency to perform its function."
  6. Yes. I meant requirements can exist before they are identified. I revised my definition because I don't think the existence of a requirement is dependent on knowledge of the requirement.
  7. Thinking about this some more--I think requirements exist before they are identified. With that in mind, I think I’ll revise my definition: "A future state of affairs that is necessary for an agency to perform its function."
  8. I'll try: A future state that an agency has determined necessary to perform its function.
  9. Does anyone else keep showing this thread as unread, even though you read it?
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