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  1. There was a time when I battled the bid protest attorneys in the Law Library for a desk. Then the attorneys got an online legal service--can't remember the name--and the books slept. One could read Attorney General (AG) decisions too. GAO acquired its AG books from one of the agencies within the Treasury Department. They were first editions. I told the Librarians they had those books there and they gave me a blank stare. With a "b" number, I could go to the librarians desk and get all the documents associated with that decision. I could see from 1st draft to final decision and why t
  2. I've experienced a problem with the search window on the discussion forum. I've also experienced problems with the calendar. The final ad is bleeding over. I must have the coding wrong on the advertisements. I will correct the problem as soon as I figure it out.
  3. Vern, Steve Schooner mentioned that he just received a shipment of this edition. I took the liberty of posting this. Is that OK?
  4. Actually, the greatest 3-year old is a fact, not emotion. Secretariat holds the current record times--made in 1973--for a 3-year old in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and The Belmont. (The official timer at Pimlico incorrectly timed the Preakness in 1973 and it wan't until 2012 that the Maryland Racing Commission acknowledged that error.) For anyone watching the video I posted, they will see a horse ahead by nearly a football field at the finish line. The Belmont is a mile and a half and Secretariat won that race at the mile point. For the final mile, it ran on its own. It realiz
  5. There is only one "greatest" Horse who ever lived. And that Horse ran in the Belmont in 1973 and owns the current record for the Belmont. Belmont Stakes of1973.
  6. This is a Congressional Research Service report on the Army's replacement for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and its history. It is a system acquisition. Take a look at the history of the system and see if you can identify why problems occurred. At least one will scream at you. A version of the requirements are on p. 2. I don't know if they are current or not. There is a current brief acquisition strategy discussed on p. 14. It's going to take about 10 years to field this system. Now, the question. Would you accept the job as Program Manager on the OMFV?
  7. I am updating the Home Page for tomorrow and I am adding this audit. It deals with Management and Operating contracts and similar contracts at the Department of Energy. These contracts began with the Manhattan Project during WW II. I would appreciate any comments on the substance of this audit report. The Transition to Independent Audits of Management and Operating Contractors’ Annual Statements of Costs Incurred and Claimed.
  8. H-2-H I read the articles. It is worthy of some discussion. The “Negligent Negotiations” Theory of Recovery – Is it a Go or No Go at the Boards of Contract Appeal? Part 1 (JD Supra.com) The “Negligent Negotiations” Theory of Recovery – Is it a Go or No Go at the Boards of Contract Appeal? Part 2 (JD Supra.com) CBCA Wary of “Negligent Negotiations” Claim Recognized by ASBCA (Rogers Joseph O'Donnell, PC)
  9. Have you heard of a "design-build-finance-operate-maintain (DBFOM) contracts?" If so, what is your opinion.
  10. Thank you for your observations.
  11. Many years ago, as a teen, I noticed a magazine on a barbershop table with an incredible black airplane on the cover. Huge engines on each side of a delta wing and a long thin fuselage with a cockpit near the front. I never forgot that airplane, it was an SR-71 Blackbird. Fifty-five years later, I wrote a brief article about the first Blackbird -- the A-12. It's the fastest and highest flying jet airplane that was ever built. Everything about the A-12 was incredible. A requirement was developed to: make an airplane so fast that nothing could catch it, make it fly so high that not
  12. rios0311: Thank you. That is exactly the intent of this forum: What Happened?
  13. Things are moving so quickly that the White House information has been out of date. I knew this happened but it wasn't posted.
  14. What does the award fee plan look like? What are the factors for earning the award?
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