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  1. This question is based on evaluating a proposal, based on this authority, which has a total (POP) period of performance of 16 months (Base period of 12 months and one 4-month option period). It’s understood the clause and explanation of how the government intends to evaluate the proposal is included in the solicitation. Would it be appropriate to evaluate/calculate the 52.217-8 (6-month) period by taking one month (or the last month) of the option period and multiply it by 6 months for the total 6 month “-8” evaluation period? Similarly, if the total POP is a base period of 12 months, would it be appropriate to calculate the 52.217-8 (6-month) period by taking one month (or the last month) of the base period and multiply it by 6 months for the total “-8” evaluation period?
  2. Greetings, Does FAR 52.232-18 Availability of Funds, allow authority to issue an award to a task order under a single award IDIQ. Certainly understand it needs to be included in the Solicitation/RFP and award. However, can the award be issued without the certified funding while it's forthcoming and not be at risk of an ADA?
  3. Gents, Thank you. Yes, this would be an increase in ceiling price as a result of a change order. This is a cost type task order, the additional work is the same type of work, and the ceiling increase is less than 10 percent.
  4. Hello, Is a J&A required to increase the ceiling of task order for work that is within scope. Or is a memo to the file with the CO's rationale sufficient?
  5. I'd like to extend a delivery order for 6 months using this authority.... dash-8. However, it's not included in the task order, but is included in the IDIQ. To exercise the authority for the task order, can I simply use it to award the task order? Or, do I need to modify the deliver order to include the dash-8 authority prior to making the award?
  6. Gentlemen, Thanks for all the input. Much appreciated.
  7. Thank you. The GAO case is a fantastic primer. Much appreciated!
  8. Jacques, thank you! non-severable services.
  9. With regards to adding new work to an existing services contract, what is the best way to make a determination if the new work is within scope of the existing contract? Is the percentage (20%, 25%?) of the increased work a generally acceptable criteria? Assuming the description of new work is within the same general scope of the current requirement.
  10. Gentlemen, thank you all for the timely responses. I apologize that I was not very clear. I was asking about the authority, in section 13 of the SF30, to obligate/award the fee to the contractor.
  11. To modify/award (SF30) an annual award fee to a CPAF contract, I'd like to make it supplemental (bi-lateral) using 43.103(a). Does this make sense or would a different authority be more appropriate?
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