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  • The Need to Reform the McNamara – O’Hara Service Contract Act.   
  • RETREATING FROM REFORM: “We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us!”
  • CONTRACTING PROCESS INTERTIA: The Enduring Appeal Of The Essay-Writing Contest  
  • NEW LIMITATIONS ON SUBCONTRACTING: New Rules, New Uncertainties.


  • No Time to Waste: Embracing Sustainable Procurement to Mitigate the Accelerating Climate Crisis. 
  • Commercial Items: Confusion In Court. 
  • Postscript: Source Selection Decisions. 
  • A Primer On Source Selection Planning: Evaluation Factors And Rating Methods. 
  • SCORING OR RATING IN SOURCE SELECTION: A Continuing Source Of Confusion. 
  • Sustainable Procurement: Building Vocabulary To Accelerate The Federal Procurement Conversation. 
  • Contract Line Items. 
  • GSA’s Commercial Marketplaces Initiative: Opening Amazon and Other Private Marketplaces To Direct Purchases By Government Users, Briefing Papers. 
  • Performance Work Statements: The Policymakers’ Monster—Where Is Our Theseus? 
  • Open Source Software Licensing and Copyright Law in Government Contracts: an Update to the OSEHRA Open Source Contractor's Guide 2-1. 


  • Brand Name or Equal: Without "Equal," It's Not Competitive
  • FRICTIONLESS ACQUISITION: A New Initiative by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.
  • Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, Three Times Higher Than The Tallest Mountain.  Robert Antonio
  • The Compliance Mentorship Program: Improving Ethics and Compliance in Small Government Contractors.
  • On the Non-Tariff Barriers Obstructing Free Trade in the Transatlantic Defense Procurement Market.
  • The JEDI Acquisition: Innovation Rejected.
  • Innovation for Hire: A Descriptive Study of Federal Acquisitions and Contractor R&D.
  • Supremacy, Inc.


  • Professional Reading: Negotiating Advice from Gordon Wade Rule.


  • Three Competing Options for Acquiring Innovation.
  • Whither Innovation?: Why Open Systems Architecture May Deliver on the False Promise of Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Government Procurement and Changes in Firm Transparency.
  • The U.S. Federal Procurement System: An Introduction.
  • Congress Passes Too Much Acquisition Legislation.


  • Does the FAR Apply to Federal Contractors? No!
  • THE FAR: Does It Have Contractual Force And Effect?


  • How Many Bid Protests Is Too Many?
  • Sticks and Stones: How Words and Terms of Art Can Hurt the Contracting Profession.


  • FAR 8.405-2 Acquisitions vs. FAR 15 Negotiated Procurement
  • Market Research--A Tale of Two Markets


  • Gifts, Hospitality & the Government Contractor
  • Secrets of Superstar Contracting Professionals
  • Review Essay: Reading the Dream Machine: The Untold Story of the Notorious V-22 Osprey, by Richard Whittle, in Light of the Defense Acquisition Performance Study
  • Dissecting GAO's Bid Protest 'Effectiveness Rate'
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues (2014)
  • Integrity Challenges in the EU and U.S. Procurement Systems


  • The Congressional War on Contractors
  • Dangers of Source Selections: Debriefings
  • What’s in a name: REA versus claim
  • Bid Protests: The Costs are Real, but the Benefits Outweigh Them
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues
  • Crafting Compelling Contracting Officer’s Final Decisions


  • A House of Cards Falls: Why 'Too Big to Debar' is All Slogan and Little Substance. 
  • FCPA Sanctions: Too Big to Debar? 
  • Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) Legal Reviews. 
  • Reflections on the Federal Procurement Landscape. 
  • Affirmatively Inefficient Jurisprudence?: Confusing Contractors’ Rights to Raise Affirmative Defenses with Sovereign Immunity. 
  • Dead Letter Prohibitions and Policy Failures: Applying Government Ethics Standards to Personal Services Contractors. 
  • Opening Procurement Markets Internationally: An Update, and the Road Ahead 
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues (2011). 


  • Dead Contractors: The Un-Examined Effect of Surrogates on the Public’s Casualty Sensitivity. 
  • A Random Walk: The Federal Circuit’s 2010 Government Contracts Decisions. 
  • The Sad, Yet Illustrative, Case Of PMO Partnership Joint Venture. 
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues (2010). 
  • Barriers to International Trade in Procurement after the Economic Crisis, Part II: Opening International Procurement Markets: Unfinished Business. 
  • A Versatile Prism: Assessing Procurement Law Through the Principal-Agent Model. 


  • Suing the Government as a 'Joint Employer' - Evolving Pathologies of the Blended Workforce.
  • Punishing the Penitent: Disproportionate Fines in Recent FCPA Enforcements and Suggested Improvements.
  • In Search of Reasonable Compensation: Patent Infringement by Defense Contractors with the Authorization and Consent of the U.S. Government.
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues (2009).
  • Federal Contracting and Acquisition: Progress, Challenges, and the Road Ahead


  • Less is More: Encouraging Greater Competition in Computer Software Procurement by Simplifying the DFARS Licensing Scheme.
  • Tempering 'Buy American' in the Recovery Act - Steering Clear of a Trade War.
  • Public Procurement: Focus on People, Value for Money and Systemic Integrity, Not Protectionism.
  • The Challenge of Contracting for Large Complex Projects: A Case Study of the Coast Guard’s Deepwater Program.


  • Why Contractor Fatalities Matter.
  • Too Dependent on Contractors? Minimum Standards for Responsible Governance.
  • They're Here To Help
  • Public Procurement Systems: Unpacking Stakeholder Aspirations and Expectations
  • Political Connections and the Allocation of Procurement Contracts
  • A Legal Analysis of the Statutory and Contractual Allocation of Data Rights in Federal Contracts Subject to 10 U.S.C. 2320
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues


  • Renewed Focus on Program Performance Management Or The Government-Imposed Shotgun Marriage Between the Accountant and Engineer
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues (2006)
  • Recommended Books for Government Contracting Professionals
  • Poor Leadership, Not Excessive Oversight, Is What Troubles Contracting


  • Procurement Reform in the Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 — A Creature of Compromise, Pointing the Way to Future Debates
  • Government Purpose Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software in DOD Acquisition.
  • Improving Federal Procurement: The Benefits of Vendor-Neutral Contract Specifications.
  • Post-Katrina Reconstruction Liability: Exposing the Inferior Risk-Bearer.
  • A Proposal for a New Approach to Performance-Based Services Acquisition.
  • A Modest Proposal to Enhance Civil/Military Integration: Rethinking the Renegotiation Regime as a Regulatory Mechanism to Decriminalize Cost, Pricing, and Profit Policy
  • Constructing a Bid Protest Process: Choices Every Procurement Challenge System Must Make
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues (2005)


  • In Memoriam, John Cibinic, Jr.
  • Katrina's Continuing Impact on Procurement - Emergency Procurement Powers in H.R. 3766.
  • Understanding the Current Wave of Procurement Reform:  Devolution of the Contracting Function.
  • Commentary on the Acquisition Workforce
  • Implementing Alternative Sourcing Strategies: Four Case Studies
  • e-Sourcing in Procurement: Theory and Behavior in Reverse Auctions with Non-Competitive Contracts.
  • Risky Business: Managing Interagency Acquisition.
  • Organizational Conflicts of Interest: A Growing Integrity Challenge
  • Emerging Policy and Practice Issues
  • Government Garage Sales: Online Auctions as Tools for Asset Management.
  • Competitive Sourcing: What Happens to Federal Employees?


  • The Centrality of Military Procurement: Explaining the Exceptionalist Character of United States Federal Public Procurement Law.
  • Contractor Atrocities at Abu Ghraib: Compromised Accountability in a Streamlined, Outsourced Government,
  • Making Federal Information Technology Accessible: A Case Study in Social Policy and Procurement.
  • A Survey of Florida's Recent District Court of Appeal and Administrative Decisions Involving Bid Protests: Challenging the Government's Conduct Regarding a Public Procurement
  • The Level of Confidence Assessment Rating Technique: A Tool for Source Selection
  • Consolidation of Boards of Contract Appeals: An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come?
  • Suspension and Debarment: Emerging Issues in Law and Policy
  • A Modest Proposal
  • Competitive Sourcing Policy: More Sail Than Rudder?
  • Governance by Contract: Constitutional Visions; Time for Reflection and Choice
  • The Time-and-Materials Contract: The Time Has Come For A Long, Hard Look
  • The Fixed-Price Incentive Firm Target Contract:  Not As Firm As the Name Suggests
  • Competitive Negotiation WLMP Style
  • Competitive Processes in Government Contracting:  The FAR Part 15 Process Model and Process Inefficiency
  • The Threat of Former Employees


  • The Five-Year Limit on Government Contracts:  Reality or Myth? 
  • Making Performance-Based Contracting Perform:  What Federal Departments and Agencies Can Learn From State and Local Governments
  • IT Outsourcing:  A Primer for Public Managers
  • The Procurement Partnership Model:  Moving to a Team-Based Approach


  • The Future:  Scrutinizing the Empirical Case for the Court of Federal Claims
  • Model Behaviour?  Anecdotal Evidence of Tension between Evolving Commercial Public Procurement Practices and Trade Policy.
  • The True Story of the Wright Brothers' Contract  (It’s not what you think.)
  • Remaking Federal Procurement
  • Case Study of Complex Business Management for Competitive Sourcing  (pdf file)
  • A Vision of the Government as a World-Class Buyer:  Major Procurement Issues for the Coming Decade
  • Contracting for the 21st Century:  A Partnership Model.
  • It’s Time to Use the Legislative History of the Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • Desiderata: Objectives for a System of Government Contract Law
  • The Award Term Incentive:  A Status Report
  • Commercial Purchasing:  The Chasm Between the United States Government's Evolving Policy and Practice


  • Fear of Oversight:  The Fundamental Failure of Businesslike Government.
  • Research and Development Dollars are Understated by Billions in The Federal Procurement Data System
  • The Adarand Chronicle:  From Bakke to Adarand VII


  • Award Term:  The Newest Incentive
  • Past Performance Revisited
  • FAR Councils vs. The United States Courts--Round 3
  • Do Reverse Auctions Violate FAR 15.307(b)?
  • Inventory Control Point Leads the Way
  • An Incentive for Commercial Items Contracts
  • Navy Sets Sail for the New World
  • From Suspended Animation to Debarment
  • Legislating in Opposite Directions


  • Priced-Based Acquisition. 
  • Conflicts of Interest and Participation on A-76 Evaluation Panels. 
  • Many Faces to Industry. 
  • When Large Is Small--Or Maybe Not 
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