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1 Competitive Processes in Government Contracting: The FAR Part 15 Process Model and Process Inefficiency
2 The Five-Year Limit on Government Contracts: Reality or Myth?  (MS Word). 
3 The Fixed-Price Incentive Firm Target Contract:  Not As Firm As the Name Suggests.  (MS Word
4 The Time-and-Materials Contract: The Time Has Come For A Long, Hard Look.  (doc) 
5 What’s in a name: REA versus claim.  (doc)
6 Recommended Books for Government Contracting Professionals.  (pdf) 
7 Crafting Compelling Contracting Officer’s Final Decisions.  (doc)
8 A Legal Analysis of the Statutory and Contractual Allocation of Data Rights in Federal Contracts Subject to 10 U.S.C. 2320.  (doc)
9 Government Purpose Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software in DOD Acquisition.  (doc)
10 FAR 8.405-2 Acquisitions vs. FAR 15 Negotiated Procurement.  (docx)

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Many important publications about contracting are no longer at our fingertips.  Here Wifcon.com adds its eclectic mix.

Professional Reading: Negotiating Advice from Gordon Wade Rule.

The Commission on Government Procurement (December 1972)

The First Hoover Commission's Report on an Office of General Services, February 1949

The Art of Negotiation — Gordon Wade Rule, 1962

A Guide for Writing and Administering Performance Statements of Work for Service Contracts, Office of Federal Procurement Policy Pamphlet Number 4, October 1980

Book Reviews

By Vernon J. Edwards

Unleashing Change: A Study of Organizational Renewal in Government
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management, 2d ed.
Project Management for Dummies
Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property: A Practical Guide to Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks
Patent, Copyright & Trademark: An Intellectual Property Desk Reference, 4th ed.
Web & Software Development: A Legal Guide, 3d ed.
Business:  The Ultimate Resource
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In the 1990s, contracting newsletter were plentiful.  Here are some that remain.
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Defense Standardization Program Journal

DAU Defense AT&L Magazine

Defense Acquisition Research Journal

Air Force Crosstalk

Energy Express

Army Army AL&T Magazine

Army Sustainment

The Army Lawyer

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