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Small Business Administration

Small Business Timber Set-Aside Program (September 27, 2016)

Department of Defense

Class Deviation 2016-O0011:  Extension for the Implementation of Uniform Procurement Instrument Identifier (PIID) Numbering.  (September 27, 2016)

Department of Energy

Acquisition Guide Chapters 31.205-33 and 70.31.205-33: Contractor Legal Management Requirements, Approving Settlements, and Determining the Allowability of Settlement Costs.  (September 26, 2016)

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation

DFARS Case 2016-D028:  New Designated Country - Moldova.  (September 23, 2016)

DFARS Case 2015-D040:  Prohibition on Use of any Cost-Plus System of Contracting for Military Construction and Military Family Housing Projects.  (September 23, 2016)

DFARS Case 2016-D008:  Rights in Technical Data.  (September 23, 2016)

Technical Amendments (September 23, 2016)


DFARS Case 2016-D011:  Mentor-Protege Program.  (September 23, 2016)

DFARS Case 2015-D013:  Temporary Extension of Test Program for Comprehensive Small Business Subcontracting Plans.  (September 23, 2016)

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

Procurement List

General Services Administration

Federal Management Regulation Case 2015-102-2:  Transportation Payment and Audit.  (September 22, 2016)

Department of Labor

Information collection request

Labor Standards for Federal Service Contracts (September 21, 2016)

Department of Defense

Use of Project Labor Agreements on DoD Construction Projects (September 15, 2016)

Federal Acquisition Regulation

FAR Case 2015-039:  Audit of Settlement Proposals.  (September 14, 2016)

Department of Energy

Property Management Regulations (September 14, 2016)

General Services Regulation

Federal Management Regulations:  Correction to  Nondiscrimination Clarification in the Federal Workplace (September 14, 2016)

Federal Travel Regulations: Optimal Use of the Government Contractor Issued Travel Charge Card (September 14, 2016)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NFS Case 2016-N025:  Revised Voucher Submission and Payment Process.  (September 14, 2016)

Department of Defense

Opportunities to Leverage Buying Power with Purchase Cards (September 14, 2016)

Expiration of Defense Base Act Geographic Waivers for Contracts in Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan (September 13, 2016)

Request for Input on Fiscal Year 2017 Component Competition Goals (September 13, 2016)

General Services Acquisition Regulation

GSAR Case 2015-G503:  Construction Contract Administration.  (September 9, 2016)

GSAR Case 2016-G506:  Federal Supply Schedule, Order-Level Materials.  (September 9, 2016)

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Information request

Examination of Records by Comptroller General and Contract Audit (September 9, 2016)

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation

DFARS Case 2012-D022:  Rights in Technical Data and Validation of Proprietary Data Restrictions.  (September 7, 2016)

Department of Defense

Guidance on Commercial Item Determinations and the Determination of Price Reasonableness for Commercial Items (September 6, 2016)

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Comptroller General

Past performance, predecessor company.  See Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc. B-413305: Sep 26, 2016 (September 28, 2016)

Class Deviation 2016-O0011

Vern Edwards

DOD's Section 809 Advisory Panel. Read.

NCMA Executive Director

Effective Competencies in Contracting. Read

Don Mansfield

Should Training Classes Be Required? Read.

Emptor Cautus

April Fools’ Day in Federal Acquisition. Read.

Wifcon Blog

GAO's Most Prevalent Reasons for Sustaining Protests.  Read

Bob Antonio

Wifcon.com: My Legacy; My Albatross. Read.



Court of Federal Claims

Prejudice.  See McConnell Jones Lanier & Murphy, LLP v. U. S., No. 15-1351C, September 23, 2016.  (September 26, 2016)

Qualification, testing.  See TAT Technologies, LTD v. U. S. and Wall Colmonoy Corporation, No. 16-540C, September 22, 2016.  (September 26, 2016)

Comptroller General

Vague and undefined requirements.  See Al Raha Group for Technical Services B-412963.3: Sep 19, 2016.  (September 26, 2016)

Court of Federal Claims

Cost Realism Analysis.  See Dellew Corporation v U. S. and Tech Systems, Inc., No. 16-671 C, September 22, 2016.  (September 23, 2016)

Comptroller General

Small Business set-aside.  See InfoReliance Corporation B-413298: Sep 19, 2016.  (September 21, 2016)

Responsibility determination, merger transaction.  See Engility Corporation B-413202, B-413202.2: Sep 2, 2016 (September 21, 2016)

Offeror’s responsibility to submit a well written proposal.  See Independent Systems, Inc. B-413246: Sep 15, 2016 (September 19, 2016)

Solicitation's salient characteristics had been copied from a website without considering if they reflected agency’s needs.  See Medfinity LLC B-413450: Sep 9, 2016 (September 19, 2016)

Timeliness, protest filed after agency level protest.  See Medfinity LLC B-413450: Sep 9, 2016 (September 19, 2016)

Dismissal of protest before a court regardless of whether the protest issues are identical.  See Colleague Consulting, LLC--Reconsideration B-413156.18: Sep 12, 2016 (September 19, 2016)

Required certifying statement.  See govSolutions, Inc. B-413166.3: Sep 2, 2016 (September 13, 2016)

Court of Federal Claims

Technical evaluation of proposals, handling minority evaluator opinions.  See InSpace 21 LLC v U. S. and Range Generation Next, No. 15-364, September 7, 2016 (September 12, 2016)

Timeliness, pre-award, post-award, before GAO.  See Palantir Technologies Inc. and Palantir USG, Inc., v U. S. No. 16-784C, August 22, 2016 (September 12, 2016)

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Department of Justice

Owner of Sham ‘Veteran-Owned’ Company Sentenced for $100 Million Fraud (September 28, 2016)


General Services Administration

PBS's Energy Savings Performance Contract Awards May Not Meet Savings Goals (September 28, 2016)


Congress returns this week.  The Legislation page has been updated for actions since the start of the recess.  (September 26, 2016)


Department of Energy, General Services Administration

GSA and DOE Call for Innovative Technologies to Improve Federal and Commercial Buildings (September 27, 2016)

Department of Justice

Government Intervenes in Suit Against DOE Contractor Alleging Use of Defective Steel Rebar and Quality Control Failures in Nuclear Waste Treatment Facility (September 26, 2016)

County Aviation Department Division Director and Four Others Charged in $5,000,000 Fraud and Kickback Scheme Involving Federal Funds (September 26, 2016)

U. S. House of Representatives

Hearing, VA Procurement: Identifying Obstacles to Reform (September 21, 2016)

Department of Justice

Former Executive Director of Military Charity Indicted for Fraud and Tax Evasion (September 21, 2016)

National Nuclear Security Administration

NNSA continues efforts in best practices for acquisition and project management (September 20, 2016)

Department of Justice

La Joya Housing Authority Indicted in Bid Rigging Scheme (September 20, 2016)

Defense Logistics Agency

Operations personnel use new partnership to protect supply chains, prevent counterfeits (September 20, 2016)

Defense Contract Management Agency

My DCMA:  contract administrator (September 19, 2016)

Department of Justice

Two Former Executives of Foreign Defense Contractor Charged in Expanding Fraud and Corruption Probe (September 16, 2016)

Five Indicted For Fraud Against The U.S. Government And Other Purchasers In “Made In The USA” Marketing Scheme (September 16, 2016)

Former Winnebago County Purchasing Director Sentenced to Two Years in Federal Prison for Stealing More Than $400,000 (September 16, 2016)

General Services Administration

Navy Signs a Memo of Use for GSA’s OASIS Professional Services Contracts (September 16, 2016)

Department of Energy

Security Enforcement Letter issued (September 9, 2016)

General Services Administration

GSA Proposes New Rule Allowing Other Direct Costs into the Schedules Program (September 9, 2016)


Department of Justice

Audit of Contracts Awarded by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Inc. Using Office of Justice Programs Grant Funds.  (September 23, 2016)

Department of Veterans Affairs

Review of VA’s Award of the PC3 Contracts.  (September 23, 2016)

General Services Administration

Audit of the Federal Acquisition Service's Contractor Assessments Program (September 22, 2016)

Department of Justice

Audit of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Residential Reentry Center Contract No. DJB200113 Awarded to Mirror, Inc (September 22, 2016)

Audit of the United States Marshals Service's Judicial Facility Security Program Task Order (September 21, 2016)

Department of Veterans Affairs

Review of VA’s Alleged Improper Termination of the e Learning Task Order (September 20, 2016)

Government Accountability Office

Veterans Affairs Contracting:  Improvements in Policies and Processes Could Yield Cost Savings and Efficiency (September 19, 2016)

Government Accountability Office

Information Technology Reform:  Agencies Need to Increase Their Use of Incremental Development Practices (September 16, 2016)

Department of Energy

Office of Enterprise Assessments Assessment of Savannah River Site Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities (September 16, 2016)

Department of Homeland Security

FEMA Can Do More to Improve Public Assistance Grantees’ and Subgrantees’ Compliance with Federal Procurement Rules (September 13, 2016)

Government Accountability Office

Defense Infrastructure:  Actions Needed to Enhance Oversight of Construction Projects Supporting Military Contingency Operations (September 9, 2016)

Department of Energy:  Actions Needed to Strengthen Acquisition Planning for Management and Operating Contracts (September 9, 2016)

Department of Justice

Audit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Fuel Procurement Contracts Awarded to the Petroleum Traders Corporation (September 8, 2016)

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