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  1. What's 52.245-1 say? How about your agency supplement, manual, etc.? What do you want to do? Can you do what you want to? Do you care which way you go? I would guess maintenance is getting paid for one way or another. Maybe it depends on whose paying the bill but it's gonna be paid.
  2. I saw a solicitation last month to stop a landslide. Section L and M were super simple. It went something like this… Checklist – Did I sign my 1442? Did I include my subk plan? Are my reps & certs updated in SAM and/or did I include them? Did I attach my technical proposal? Did I provide past performance information? Did I submit a price? Is the physical or email address correct? Is my SAM registration active? What do I submit? 1. 1442 2. Subk plan 3. Reps & certs 4. Technical proposal 5. Past performance information not previously reported in CPARS 6. Price How will we make award? .. …. ……. Point being it was the most simple way to state what submittals were required and how proposals were evaluated. Didn’t look like it took 10 - 20 + pages, multiple volumes, etc., just to the point. It was in Alaska, I’ll see if I can find the SAM link.
  3. That should be a course, mandatory for certain CO's, if it isn't. Once you learn the lingo, abutment, at-grade, embankment, headwall, cross sections, BIM, riprap. etc. everything else comes together for the non-engineer... in my experience.
  4. probably somewhere in between, I can only speculate, I'd guess my sustainability team will put some process together in phases where someone is going to want to see what we're buying, maybe have some incentive for products and services that use sustainability. They'll probably put together some agency goal that is X% of awards include sustainability products and services, and of those awards Y% of the products and services are lower carbon, energy efficient, etc. Operating administrations will probably get data calls to self report progress. CO's will try and get an exception for most everything. Outside of simple supply and services, I'd gather this is going to be more focused on the PM/Designer, etc. to figure out how they're going to manage project delivery and the CO will have little input since some agencies don't include CO's in the IPT's. Totally unsupported negative outlook of an opinion, but that's what i think will happen... at least where i work.
  5. I wasn't briefed, but was notified via an email with a link to the federal register. I have not had any training or heard about plans to provide any. I would guess my agency's sustainability team is going to put something together, but I do not know that.
  6. If I understand your question, and I don’t know I fully do, if you have the original contract and all the mods, is there a reason you can’t keep your contract up to date and the Government should do it for you?
  7. I think it’s a great idea but would be super hard to implement. Maybe scale it down as a phased approach. By that I mean start with a no GAO protests against things the Government isn’t great at, like IT procurements first and then move on from there. I don’t have a roadmap but that would be the idea. Final phase would be eliminate GAO protests. Also, since GAO recommends the Government cover the protesters costs if the Government loses a protest, maybe GAO also recommends the denied protester covers the Governments cost, inclusive of delay costs, etc. maybe that’s already a thing or just makes further litigation costs I dono just typing outload loud if you will as an alternative.
  8. I'm told by my finance/fiscal office there's not a mechanism to pay other federal/state/county/city organizations if there is no SAM registration. System limitation. Whether that applies to other executive agencies I do not know. Whether that is a requirement of any regulation i do not know that ether.
  9. Some do. I don't exactly know why but assume there is a reason. My civilian sub agency does. Perhaps I should ask.
  10. i dont know what you're doing and i'm not into 20 questions, but did you look through 2 CFR and see if there's something there applicable to your situation? Is checking SAM registration a burden? arbitrary questions.
  11. 13 CFR 121.404. There might be a FAR reference but i didn't look for it. Always can go to the SBA and let them make that determination. I'm not certain.
  12. yeah, my new T-11R didn't deploy. It's been known to happen. I shouldn't have said what i said. but lol on some of the responses.
  13. I couldn't get acquisition.gov to open and didn't try any other avenues, but isn't 5 days prescribed in FAR 33, not 10 days? so if 4 and 48 CFR conflict which one do you follow? I'd gather with a degree of certainty this has happened before. Another question, since the regulations use the word offered, i could potentially offer a post award debrief 5 days after a written request for one, and if 5 days is the time limitation to protest, the contractor would be untimely in their protest since i didn't give it until day 5? that seems shady but that's what i took away.
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