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FAC 2005-96 Muppet Video


FAC 2005-96 Muppet Video  

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  1. 1. When Will FAC 2005-96 Be Changed To Remove The Muppett Video?

    • 2 Federal Register issues
    • 3 Federal Register issues
    • 4 Federal Register Issues
    • 5 Federal Register Issues
    • Never, it was intended to be part of FAR Case 2017-015, included in the FAC
    • Who cares, I'm waiting for the New Year's Muppet Video surprise
    • If it is changed, the FAR Council will change it with a tweet

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When an item is published in the Federal Register incorrectly, it is corrected some day later.  There is no standard amount of days to issue a correction, its corrected when someone finds the error. 

Over the weekend, it was pointed out that the "new" FAC had a surprise for readers.  So what am I going to do about it?  I've got it.  A Poll about when it will be deleted or . . . . if it will be deleted.  I counted Federal Register issue number 1 as today's issue so your first choice is  "2 Federal Register issues."  I made the Poll so that your vote would be anonymous.

I was a little carried away and added a few extra choices

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I wish I could vote for 2 or 3 -- but it seems the FAR Councils are incapable of governing.

The website at www.acquisition.gov/far made the other changes but dropped the youtube.com text.  Maybe it is because they read the explanatory text:

16. Amend section 52.204–8 by—
a. Revising the date of the provision;
b. Removing paragraph (c)(1)(xvi), and Note to Paragraph (c)(1)(xvi); and
c. Redesignating paragraphs (c)(1)(xvii) through (xxv) as (c)(1)(xvi) through (xxiv), respectively.

There's nothing in the explanatory text about changing the title.  This site shows a clause date of OCT 2017, but the Federal Register says it is supposed to be NOV 2017.  Anyone, other on-line locations I looked at still have a JAN 2017 clause text.

Still, does anyone have any idea how this happened?

And how can anyone trust anything?

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This will appear in tomorrow's issue of the Federal Register.

In regard to  FAC 2005-96; FAR Case 2017-015


Rule document 2017-23590 originally published on pages 51527 through 51531 in the issue of Monday, November 6, 2017, with an extraneous web address inadvertently inserted. The corrected document is published here in its entirety.

So 2 is the winner.  The corrected document will be posted on the Home Page tomorrow.

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