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The NDAA for FY 2023

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H. R. 7776 - Water Resources Development Act of 2022  

Now it is labeled H. R.  7776 the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023

The first bill was for something other than an NDAA.  Apparently, H. R. 7776 was highjacked and is planned to be the NDAA for FY 2023.  The Chairmen and Ranking Members from the House and Senate Armed Services Committees grabbed H.R. 7900 and S. 4543--two versions of an NDAA--squished them together, hijacked H. R. 7776, amended that bill, and renamed it as the one above.

When time is available, conferees are named and they negotiate a conference report and both Houses of Congress vote on it, approve the conference report and send it the White House for signature to make the finished bill a Public Law.

H. R. 7776, the agreement between the Chairmen and Ranking Members will probably be substituted for negotiations between conferees of both houses and H. R. 7776 will be passed by both houses.  Then off to the White House.  There are plenty of perfections to contracting law in Title VIII but H. R. 7776 needs to be passed in about 2 weeks without running into any obstacles.  It probably won't get derailed, but I think it's too early to look at any of the bill's provisions.

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Good Morning, Does any one happen to have a summary of the provision and sections impacted and changes that took place with NDAA FY23 (and impacted agencies (i.e. DoD, NASA, and ect ). I have always been able to locate it here but FY 23 seem to be hiding from me. Any assistance is extremely appreciated :)

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On 12/9/2022 at 5:52 AM, bob7947 said:

House Passes National Defense Authorization Act on 12/8/22.  One down, one to go.  The Library of Congress cannot even keep of with the paperwork.  Let's see if the Senate can pass H. R. 7776 today.

I just finished checking and the Senate is not scheduled to be back until 12/12/22.


Thank you! I noticed they were all DoD geared and nothing big impacting the federal agencies. Appreciate it very much :)

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26 minutes ago, Retreadfed said:

The Changes clause mentioned in the law is for construction.

Something must have gotten changed/cleaned up.  This is from a summary that Crowell and Morning did:

Section 805 provides that unilateral modification of an existing contract, order, or other transaction that implements the requirements of an Executive Order (EO) issued by the President shall be treated as a change under the Changes Clause (FAR 52.243-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, or -6, as appropriate).

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1 hour ago, Retreadfed said:

I checked two sources showing the text of the NDAA and they both show that 805 specifically references only 52.243-4.  Maybe I am off, but that is what I am finding.

You are correct.  I checked the DFARS open cases and it’s limited to 52.243-4

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