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  1. Before Ibn left, he found a definition of legal advice. I am providing it for everyone. I will use that in a future statement for use on Wifcon.com. Thank you Ibn.
  2. H-2-H: I agree completely. I'm sure you have and there are many government and private attorneys from large and small law offices who are members. C Culham: Thank you. Everything is on the table. I hope so too. Formerfed: I agree with you too. We must move with the times but we must do it with our controls.
  3. I appreciate all responses and will consider them during the day. Although federal contracting is guided by law I do not remember anyone leading others to believe that this site's members are giving legal advice. With that being said, a proposed action written by members can lead to legal ramifications and we have to be aware of that. That of course is why the modified Google disclaimer clause was adopted and used it in the Terms. This forum is part of the social media world. I look at gun discussion board's, corvette discussion board's, baking discussion boards, and tweet now and then, etc. Some of the responses are from experts on the forums and deal with legal issues. However, the opinions provided receive from those forums only lead me to my own research. The ideas and advice are welcomed. Responding to questions here, as part of the social media world, is very helpful and consistent with the intent of this entire forum. We will continue to entertain questions. To do otherwise, would be the end of this forum. This topic will remain public topic in case any member wishes to respond. Every suggestion will be made in public so it can be seen. You will have an opportunity to comment on my suggestion. Neil provided an idea for an opening statement. Some statement similar to that can be posted under each category or forum so it cannot be missed. Additionally, a private discsussion group can be arranged and can be used by us to accumulate "information needed" and then post the aditional information needed to the OP. If there is no response to the information request, we can close the topic. However, that appears clumsy to me at this point. I will continue to read the posts you provide.
  4. In this case, the OP wrote that it was a task order under a GSA schedule contract. Retreadfed asked what Schedule and received no response. Should there be a point where we decide that he/she is nonresponsive to our request for information and close the topic? Should there be some time period in which we ask questions and then provide the OP with a deadline to respond to our questions?
  5. We have at least 90 plus percent of all Topics started as a question and they will not stop. Don't write that we need to turn down all questions. If we turn down all questions, there will be 1 or 2 contracting posts a year here. We need to make more out of the question in addition to answering the question--if we can. Recently, we received the following topic Don't try to answer that question. I'm asking our entire community--anyone, how should we respond to the above question. Can we turn it into something more. Be creative. Please don't bicker and work within our comunity. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional comments I believe we were close to turning the quoted question into a useful discussion that could have been carried out in a new topic. That might have been helpful to many of our Members. It's our fault that it didn't happen. At least 3 of the members here recognized that. However, the OP opted out and would not go in that direction. Currently, I am reviewing every response to this question in the other topic and will send you my thoughts on your posts in a PM. It may take a day or two.
  6. Prosperity: Ibn forgot to tell you to send your address to me by PM or my wifcon e-mail. Never send your home or work address or your e-mail here.
  7. I've locked this thread for the time being while I look at the posts and respond to posters.
  8. I'm not sure what the OP means when he/she uses the term government property. However, if we set that aside for the moment, we are dealing with a I Believe Ibn suggested the best way to go at this point The H-T-H added And then retreadfed added Everything else seems premature until there is more information. However, the OP left and we will not get any further information.
  9. FrankJon: Thank you for documenting it. I will link your references to the NDAAs since many do not realize they are available here.
  10. Don: Are you familiar with way back then?
  11. Wow. I have that on a different computer.
  12. With 14 votes, I wasn't expecting it to be close.
  13. Shortly after the close of each calendar, I update the Top 10 Articles on the Articles Page that Wifcon.com users viewed the most. Each of the 10 articles were viewed in excess of a thousand times during 2019. Some of the articles have been on Wifcon.com for many years and some articles have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Wifcon.com.
  14. Shortly after the close of each calendar, I update the Most Viewed Protest Pages by FAR section and GAO protest procedure to show what protest issues Wifcon.com users viewed the most. Each of the 15 issues were viewed thousands of times during 2019. In 2019, I expanded the list to the Top 15 from the Top 10. These protest issues remain fairly stable year after year with few changes.
  15. One of the conference report sections mentioned the 809 panel and then shrugged it off. It is a long blurb that I looked for last night. I didn't find it because I was tired of looking at all the sections.
  16. Atta-Ibn! I have one more annual update and then I go back to writing for Wifcon.com.
  17. Ibn: Your wrote I've just counted the reading statistics for the articles posted on Wifcon.com's Articles page for 2019. Articles written nearly 2 decades ago and posted here are still being read thousands of times each year--including in 2019.
  18. I've added a fifth answer to the poll--other. In case I missed something, like working on a pole.
  19. When work is mentioned, I think productivity--the amount of your work you have done. Have you met your organization's goals? Have you met your goals? In answering the following simple poll, imagine that you have the available technology to speak with, see, and work with your colleagues anywhere on earth. The data you need and work with is seamlessly delivered to you and you can send it anywhere for collaboration or review. In your environment, you have access to anything and everything dealing with your work.
  20. Retread: That pamphlet deals only with GAO's relationship with its meal-provider, Congress. It was first written in 2000 after GAO received its 1/3 cut in personnel. During that time, GAO was being jerked to attention by Congress. That pamphlet is one clear example of GAO trying to make amends with Congress and setting down on paper how it handled requests. What is in there deals only with Congress and GAO, no-one else.
  21. Joel: You added: The directed study and report were in lieu of the legislative prosion not adopted. GAO hates to see mandates that are required by law because they take priority over everything else. The more work required by law, the fewer people can be assigned to anything else. There aren't enough GAO'ers to go around for all requests that arrive. GAO published an item called GAO’s Congressional Protocols. In part, that is published for Congress to explain to individual members why their request will never get done. On p. 8 of the pamphlet, GAO explains its priorities. I quote it below. An NDAA Conference report has precedence over senior congressional leaders. Conference reports, as in the NDAA of 2020, may include mandates beyond what is included in the actual law. They theoretically take priority over something requested by the senior congressional leaders. Take a look at who they are. Let's go back to the 1990s for a moment. In that decade GAO's staff was cut by one-third because one political party took over the Congress from another political party and the winning political party was angry beause it thought that the previous controlling party was getting too much attention from GAO. The current Comptroller General remembers that because he was there. In reality, GAO walks a political tightrope. OK, back to your issue. I don't know how GAO would deal theoretically with a request that appears in a section of a conference report that explains a section of a bill that was defeated in conference. However, to find out, I would send you before the Chairman and Vice Chairman of a powerful committee to explain why you are doing a request that never made it's way out of conference instead of their request which they both believe is of the utmost importance. After you wash their spit and the heat of their breath off your face, you would probably have an answer.
  22. That is one of the legislative provisions not adopted (LPNAs). I noticed there was a lot of verbage about a report. However, it is not associated with a part of the law. The LPNA also requires GAO to report within 6 months. It takes GAO longer than 6 months to get started. There are other late sections of the law that request GAO to report on labor laws.
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