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  1. AAC

    Coronavirus Impact

    Should there be a centralized Federal Acquisitions Emergency Operations Center established to control all this guidance that is coming out? How are people learning what works and what does not work in this chaotic environment? ............Not business as usual.
  2. AAC

    Coronavirus Impact

    Thank You! Other resources a NCMA website as well: For procurements valued at $100 million or less, contracting officers are not required to execute a justification and obtain approval for award of a sole source contract under the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program, Class Deviation—Justification and Approval Threshold for 8(a) Contracts, DARS­ Tracking Number: 2020-O0009, Effective March 17,2020 Progress payment rates at Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 232.501-1 are increased to 90 percent for large business concerns and 95 p
  3. AAC

    Coronavirus Impact

    Does anyone know if the federal government is going appointment an office within the acquisition community to start collecting the lessons learned during the Corona virus outbreak?
  4. I work for years teleworking / remotely and supporting DOD programs for large aerospace firm. Then I got a new supervisor who was "old school". He said I need to see you in the office everyday because I'm old school. Everyday I scratch my head because everything I did at the work site was everything I was doing remotely. Some supervisors just don't have the confidence or experience to supervise a telework/remote workforce. That's just poor leadership....PERIOD
  5. Telework challenges for the contracts management professional during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
  6. AAC

    Coronavirus Impact

    Here is a link to an article where the GSA and the SBA tried to answer some general questions in new contracting-focused fact sheets. The Defense Department said March 17 it will hold daily calls with industry associations to discuss the impact of the virus on industry. https://federalnewsnetwork.com/industry-associations/2020/03/new-guidance-defense-production-act-and-other-coronavirus-challenges-vendors-should-know-about/
  7. AAC

    Coronavirus Impact

    Bob. What reason was given as to why the liquor store is closing? Just curious
  8. AAC

    Coronavirus Impact

    That's not a problem here_2_help. I really appreciate your comments and continued participation in this poll. Thank you
  9. AAC

    Coronavirus Impact

    Bob.... I really appreciate your comments and and thank you for reopening the poll. Best Regards...
  10. I want to just say that I have been more of a reader of the posts on WIFCON than actually responding to posts. I hope to change this in the future. Having said that, I have appreciated the responses from Vern that I have seen over the years. In order to survive while working in the Government contracts profession, you must be open to the advice of professionals who have been in this business for many years. You have to be able to throw away the perception that someone with more knowledge than you is trying to make you feel small when rendering their opinion. You have to continuously grow and l
  11. What has been the extent of your search? Just curious to know if you have done a Google search or gone to any other websites.
  12. He floated the idea of having contracting professionals rotate between government and the private sector. Was he only talking about the contracting professionals on the Government side going back and forth? The best he can come close to with this is the Training With Industry (TWI) that the Army used to send selected contracting professionals to train with industry for a year. Don't know if they still do this or not. If he was also including the contracting prfessionals on the private industry side..........forget it. What private firm would risk getting themselves in some sort of conflict of
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