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I have a Respironics (by Phillips) CPAP breathing machine for sleep apnea. The machine list price on the web is between $1200 to $1500 and that seems high to me for what it is. I can buy a great tower fan with numerous features for $29.95 at COSTCO. I can buy a new microwave oven with more features  and probably more parts than the CPAP machine for under $100. I can buy a sophisticated convertible freezer/refrigerator with more parts and materials for $800.

A modern CPAP machine can be adapted to a ventilator relatively easily. Ventilators are apparently being sold for $3000 to $11000 to $15000. Are you kidding me??? I would think that a ventilator for one time use for a few weeks (due to internal viral contamination) should be able to be mass produced for a few hundred dollars (cost - not retail price). 

I know what the local CPAP dealer charges my health insurance company for supplies for the machine.  I also remember that it originally charged my insurance $2500 for the ($1100 list price) CPAP.  You can Google Cheap CPAP Supplies to see the ridiculous prices for those very simple accessories.

The medical supply industry is gold plated with greed. 

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