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SBIR Phase 3 Process?


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Apologies if this is an elementary question to many, but this is new territory for me.  

Scenario - Organization A as a prime is holding a Phase 3 SBIR and Organization B, is a subcontractor, doing all of the work on a complete pass-through.  In fact, Organization B has in writing from Organization A, that Organization A holds no rights to anything clearly understands that Organization B has the expertise, the solution, and the customer relationship.

Situation - The Phase 3 SBIR will be ending in the next 12-18 months for Organization A.  Organization B is looking for an alternative path on where to move the work and potentially move out from Organization A.  Customer is receptive and supportive to the idea of doing a SBIR with Organization B as a follow on, however, customer is unaware of the SBIR process and needs some handholding on the best way to facilitate.

Question - What is the best approach in obtaining a SBIR, what things do I need to be aware of and how to I advise the customer on next steps on who to speak with?  Can Organization B justify starting with a Phase 3 SBIR if the solution is already well known, commercialized, and still going through continued development?  I know of a few small companies that have nearly 25-50M routing through a couple SBIRS with mutiple orders placed against the SBIR, just not quite sure how they are doing that and could use some guidance.

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In my opinion, the scope of your questions are beyond what can reasonably be addressed on a message board.  I recommend consulting the SBIR website, which has a list of resources (https://www.sbir.gov/resources) including a number of tutorials on all aspects of the process. (https://www.sbir.gov/tutorials)

In addition, they have compiled a list of resources that might be close to you.  "The SBA works with several local partners of various organizational types to train and support potential SBIR/STTR applicants around the country. Check now to find the help you need, from proposal assistance to SAM registration, commercialization support to industry connections."  https://www.sbir.gov/local-assistance


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Very familiar with the SBIR website, but really just looking for a 101 answer on - you will need to do X, Y, and Z.  If it helps, the end customer is DOD, so would DOD be able to do it, or would it be better to route through GSA?  I'm trying to understand the path of least resistance.

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1 hour ago, CHILINVLN said:

Very familiar with the SBIR website

In your wandering around of the SBIR website did you notice that some PTAC/Apex assistance centers can help?   Did you contact the one for your geographical area to see if they can help with your questions?

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