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  1. My current warrant is $2m. I am working towards getting it raised with full support of my leadership. They just want me to sit in my current seat for a little longer. What do you think would make me more competitive for those grades? Or is it just a matter of years in the seat?
  2. I just read that on the OPM Site. I have seen the "AND" so much in DOD that I almost missed that the OPM requirements say "OR" for up to GS12. That is good information to know. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. I was planning on staying DOD because I currently don't have my Bachelors. I was told that staying DOD and applying before I exit the service allows me to take advantage of 10 U.S.C. § 1724 ©(3). I currently have my DAWIA lvl 1. The AF dangles the lvl 2 as a carrot to entice us (first term airmen) to re-enist.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have heard that USAJOBS is indeed a rage inducing website. The only people I have known to use it succesfully have been "by name" hires.
  5. Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I am currently AD USAF enlisted. My time in the Air Force is quickly coming to a close and the reality of my future is weighing heavy on my mind. I have been told from day 1 in contracting that the job prospects on the outside are plentiful for "people like us" but first hand examples tend to be harder to come by. Do any of you have experience or know people that have succesfully made the transition to civil service or private sector contract admin? From the eyes of a hiring authority is my experience enough to get into a GS-12 position? Experience. 6 years experience operational contracting. 1 year as warranted CO with limit of 150k. No termination authority. 3 years as warranted CO with $2m limit. No termination authority. (current warrant and used regularly) Experience in Commodities, Formal Services, and Construction. APDP Level 1 (they restrict attendance to lvl 2 in residence courses to members who re-enlist) CFCM CPCM (will have done before I leave the service) Thanks for your replies.
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