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The Acquivore Podcast Episode 5: The Contract Management Standard

Don Mansfield


In this episode, the Acquivores share their thoughts on the Contract Management Standard (CMS) and its usefulness. They also discuss DoD's gaffe in interpreting the CMS when developing the new DoD Contracting Competency Model.


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Very informative video--especially for start-ups or new hires just getting into the government contracting world.  I'll pass a long a link of this to some of our start-up DoD clients that would find this helpful.

Contract management; starting from pricing your proposal, through the award, ongoing contract administration, and then close out, is critically important to US Federal Government and Department of Defense contractors. So too, is maintaining compliance with the FAR and DCAA regulations flowed down to your small business in cost type, and FFP or T&M contracts with milestone payments.  If anyone is interested in learning more about these topics, I recommend checking out the DCAA's website, and this firm here, which offers both DCAA compliant accounting systems and outsource accounting services, as well as contract management and CFO services for contractors.

Great video, and thank you for posting!

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