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  1. I am thinking ot make it easy I would do .5 for each of the 4 out years. Thoughts?
  2. I need to escalate each of the labor categories independently. Escalation will happen Jan 1 of each year. So would my weighting be .5 each year?
  3. My starting point is Jan 1, it will be based on our FY. I am trying to work escalation for individual labor categories and associated rates. So for example for the first year of the 5 years I have 24 labor cateogires with associated rates, then I will need to escalate out on a weighted average the 2% for years 2 -5. I do have adequate support for the years 2 - 5 for the 2% escalation, and I have spoken in my narrative that we will do a weighted average of the 2% over the base year (Years 2 0 5)
  4. I am working a cost proposal and it has a base period of 5 years. I want to utilize the 2% escalation. SO what I am trying to work is a weighted escalation for the 5 year period based off of 2%.
  5. I need to do a weighted average of 2% over 5 years for a proposal I am working. How would I calculate this?
  6. I have been hired by a company to develop their Procurement Policies & Procedures and to review Subk files. I reviewed a file against an IDIQ Prime Contract. The Subk Manager did not issue the sub an IDIQ, instead they issued a straight LH Subk with no funding and then issues Work Orders against the Subk, with no SOW, no flow downs etc. I have never seen Orders issued against a Subk other than IDIQ< is this standard practice?
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