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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, We are a startup with a novel product in which the USG has great interest. We have been in talks with one prime contractor. We need revenue asap. Wondering if it would be a bad idea to approach its competitors with our product. Is that frowned upon or expected? Thanks!
  2. I believe this has been asked before but, need some clarity on the issue: We have a task order against a GWAC to a large business Client would like us to direct some upcoming work to a specific small business subcontractor under a separate line item on the contract. I do not believe there is anything in the FAR that specifically prohibits this or is there? If we were to go that route, what would be the mechanism to get this accomplished? If prime does not agree to the work being directed to the specific sub, is there anything the Government can do?
  3. Hello, I am having trouble justifying a response with a cited intelligible answer to the following situation: What limits a small business from subcontracting out a majority of the work to a large business for an acquisition under $150K? If I received a quote that outlines that the large business will do 99% of the work do I have anything to cite to throw them out? Procurement information: Under FAR Part 13 Dollar value is estimated below $150k Total set aside for small business FAR 52.219-14 was not included in the solicitation as the acquisi
  4. Good Morning, This is my first post, we are a small IT firm and may have our first subcontract using CPFF where we are the Prime. I was wondering if there are standard forms we should be asking our sub for. This is what I know that I can ask for : 1. DCAA certified rates 2. Letter of both an approved purchasing/accounting systems. 3. Organization Conflit form 4. Reps and Certs - does anywhere have a template that covers everything - do we need one ? 5. Flowdown Clauses ? Any help would be appreciated and welcome since I am not sure what I need to have
  5. Has anyone seen any articles or are aware of what regulations govern a private company subcontracting to a Government agency? For example, can a private company flow down contract clauses to a Government subcontractor? My assumption is no however I'm looking for something to cite.
  6. I am an agency Small Business Program Manager and I discovered that some of our large business prime contractors have awarded small business subcontracts using NAICS Industry Sector 42 and take small business subcontracting credit. In addition, another large business prime contractor awarded ordering agreements specifically using 423840, “Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers” to a number of small businesses (a bullpen of sorts) with orders placed through a centralized electronic catalog by several other large business prime contractors in our agency – a kind of mini-strategic s
  7. I wasn’t sure where to post this question, but thought this was a good place to start. First, let me describe our situation. · We are a small business with a CPFF contract · All staff members are at the Client site · Contract requires Client approval of all new personnel (sometimes done via resume review – sometimes direct interview of candidate) · All positions require a security clearance and fairly unique skills (i.e., difficult to fill positions) · Contract includes a Consent to Subcontract clause · We have several large business subcontracto
  8. Hey everyone! Background: I'm fairly new to the contracting world and working in a recently-large prime contractor in the healthcare sector. I've been helping prepare ourselves for our first bid season as a Large contractor and now under the pressure of compliance with FAR 52,219-8 & -9, etc. For a while I was under the impression that our small business subcontracting goals were to subcontract out roughly 30% of the total contract dollars to smalls...I am recently been corrected (and now it I see my mistake everywhere) that we are only under an obligation that 30% of our dollars subcontra
  9. Hi, We have a multiple award IDIQ that we will be preparing a solicitation under (someone told me these arent called RFTOPs anymore, is this true?). Our technical team would like the prime to partner with a certain specific organization as a sub. This organization would likely be eligible for sole sourcing according to the the FAR or our assistance guidelines if we were contracting with them directly. I suggested we do that, but the technical team feels that the management burden of dealing with this sub would be too much for their office to handle. I just wanted to get some opinions on wh
  10. Good Day All: I have two questions both of which are related to subcontracting. I am inquiring about when a subcontracting plan is required. Is it necessary for a subcontracting plan to be included if Offeror is taking credit for other entity's projects (ie. relevant experience project) or will meaningful relationship letters will suffice? Also for a small business set aside where the small business is the prime contractor what are the requirement for the subcontracting plan?
  11. Can a solicitation prohibit a prime from subcontracting the work? Specific example: an agency needs to have a contractor "backup" government data on an IT services contract. In the solicitation, can the agency put language restricting the "backup" to the prime, meaning the prime contractor MUST do this themselves, and not utilize a subcontractor? The agency's concern: if a prime is allowed to make a subcontractor do the backup, if the prime and the sub get into a dispute, and then the sub refuses to give the backup data to the government agency, then the agency has no privity of contract wit
  12. Our SBA just notified us that: "If the contract is modified and the dollar value goes up or down the subcontracting plan goals need to be renegotiate to reflect the dollar change and the percentages that may be effected do the change. This will also be reflected in the eSRS reports." This doesn't make sense to me. My interpretation of FAR 19.705-2 and 19.702 leads me to believe that it must meet a certain dollar threshold and subcontract opportunites must exist. That means we would be negotiating the SB goal dollars on a $3k mod. Background on our contract, $232M CPIF. Am I missing something
  13. I am trying to confirm who gets credit for the subcontracting goaling achievements on contracts - the funding or the procuring agency. In FPDS it is spelled out that the funding agency receives the socioeconomic credit for the prime contract small business award. I do not see similar documentation in eSRS.gov, nor in the SBA scorecard methodology. Does anyone know of any official policy documentation that confirms that the funding agency receives the subcontracting credit?
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