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  1. I looked for this topic for reference in here, but didn't see anything...

    Question: If FAR clause 52.222-24, EEO, was not actually flowed down in the prime contract, does that also mean that we are not required to verify EEO PreAward Clearance? I was under the impression we are bound by the clause, regardless if it is in the prime or not...am I wrong?

  2. Gents,

    I want to make sure I understand your opinions...

    As a prime contractor who subcontracts a large amount of the work, it is my understanding that there isn't a FAR clause that references a dollar threshold requiring a written noncompetitive justification when full and open competition is not achievable due to specific engineering or technical expertise requirements, right?

    Our company policy does require a noncompetitive justification at the $25,000 threshold.

    One other related question:

    Would you agree that noncompetitive justifications are not required for subcontract awards under an IDIQ Prime Contract where the Prime was competed but the Task Order itself was not? In other words, if we are awarding a subcontract under a Task Order where that specific work wasn’t competed, does the requestor need to complete a noncompetitive justification? It would depend on the what's in the Prime or specific Task Order flowdowns, right? I don't believe FAR covers this, but if there is a FAR clause, please reference.

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