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  1. Although the discussion went deeper than what I needed for the purposes of my original question, I do appreciate the deeper dive made available to me as long as the BLUF answer was stated. The concepts as further discussed are understandable and relevant to the broader understanding of the topic. Thanks!
  2. Hello Don, I don't believe so - I am currently in the FY 17 Oct-Nov Scott AFB class.
  3. Thank you Vern for the explanation - I think the instructor confused me by focusing only on the issue of consideration.
  4. Hello Wifcon, I am currently taking CON 90, and something came up in today's class that I couldn't understand from the instructor's explanation - would appreciate your help: A quote is not an offer, and so cannot become a contract. The instructor was saying that quotations are missing one of the essential elements of a contract: Consideration. I was wondering why it wouldn't be explained as missing Mutual Assent, since the quotation was meant for information purposes only. It would appear to me that the quotation does lay out consideration (X dollars in exchange for Y widgets with
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