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  1. Background: I work for an enterprise software company. For new software acquisitions under either our Schedule 70 or channel partners IDIQ vehicles, the government requires our implementation services which are typically 90 days or less in duration and where we use our best practice guides. Our rates are calcuated against our GSA labor rates/categories. Since there is no formal SOW written by the government, can these type of services be bid T&M or must they be FFP.
  2. Background is our firm has a GSA Schedule 70 with authorized resellers allowing us to sell direct or through our channel partners. In an a DoD acquisition, they issued an RFQ on GSA eBuy which our reseller partners responded to. On the quotes to the government, the winning reseller proposed a CTA CLIN for Program Management hours at zero dollars (which the govt declined to put on the award) In making the award, the KO listed our GSA Schedule Number in Block 2 as appropriate. Block 7 was where the story gets interesting: My company was listed in Block 7 along with our CAGE CODE and in the Ts&Cs of the award it listed our reseller. Since the money follows the cage code, our reseller asked the KO to amend the order to reference Block 7 to "OUR COMPANY C/O OUR RESELLER" and for the CAGE CODE to reflect the reseller cage code. So far the KO has refused to consider and for my intellectual curiousity I am trying to determine if the KO is correct and I am missing something.
  3. Background is we have a DoD client which prefers to execute GSA Contract Schedule 70 orders for Small Business Credit if possible. My firm which is a large business software manufacturer has a GSA Schedule 70 with authorized resellers, some of which are small businesses. From my studying the FAR, it appears that our DoD client would not be able receive a small business credit as the order to one of our small business partners would reference our Schedule number. Since the task order would be for annual software maintenance, I don't believe a CTA is proper as we will providing the maintenance. Am I correct that our client would, under the circumstances above, not be able to received small business credit? Thanks in advance.
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