National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 

Bills and Reports Providing Background to P. L. 117 - 81

Joint Explanatory Statement to Accompany the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022

House Report 117-118 to accompany H. R. 4350

S. Rept. 117-39 to accompany S. 2792 

Analysis of Contracting Related Sections

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     Subtitle A—Acquisition Policy and Management.
Sec. 801:  Acquisition workforce educational partnerships. X
Sec. 802:  Prohibition on acquisition of personal protective equipment from non-allied foreign nations.
Sec. 803:  Authority to acquire innovative commercial products and commercial services using general solicitation competitive procedures.
Sec. 804:  Modifications to contracts subject to cost or pricing data certification.
Sec. 805:  Two-year extension of Selected Acquisition Report requirement.
Sec. 806:  Annual report on highest and lowest performing acquisition programs of the Department of Defense.
Sec. 807: Assessment of impediments and incentives to improving the acquisition of commercial products and commercial services.
Sec. 808: Briefing on transparency for certain domestic procurement waivers.
Sec. 809: Report on violations of certain domestic preference laws.
     Subtitle B—Amendments to General Contracting Authorities, Procedures, and Limitations.
Sec. 811: Certain multiyear contracts for acquisition of property:  budget justification materials.
Sec. 812: Extension of demonstration project relating to certain acquisition personnel management policies and procedures.
Sec. 813: Office of Corrosion Policy and Oversight employee training requirements.
Sec. 814: Modified condition for prompt contract payment eligibility.
Sec. 815: Modification to procurement of services: data analysis and requirements validation.  X
Sec. 816: Limitation on procurement of welded shipboard anchor and mooring chain for naval vessels.
Sec. 817: Repeal of preference for fixed-price contracts.
     Subtitle C—Provisions Relating to Other Transaction Authority
Sec. 821: Modification of other transaction authority for research projects.
Sec. 822: Modification of prize authority for advanced technology achievements.
Sec. 823: Pilot program on systems engineering determinations.  X
Sec. 824: Recommendations on the use of other transaction authority.
Sec. 825: Reporting requirement for certain defense acquisition activities.
     Subtitle D—Provisions Relating to Software and Technology
Sec. 831: Technology protection features activities.
Sec. 832: Modification of enhanced transfer of technology developed at Department of Defense laboratories.
Sec. 833: Pilot program on acquisition practices for emerging technologies.
Sec. 834: Pilot program to accelerate the procurement and fielding of innovative technologies.
Sec. 835: Independent study on technical debt in software-intensive systems.
Sec. 836: Cadre of software development and acquisition experts.
     Subtitle E—Provisions Relating to Supply Chain Security
Sec. 841: Modernization of acquisition processes to ensure integrity of industrial base.
Sec. 842: Modification to analyses of certain activities for action to address sourcing and industrial capacity.
Sec. 843: Assuring integrity of overseas fuel supplies.
Sec. 844: Assessment of requirements for certain items to address supply chain vulnerabilities.
Sec. 845: Department of Defense research and development priorities.
Sec. 846: Report on the Manufacturing Engineering Education Program.
Sec. 847: Plan and report on reduction of reliance on services, supplies, or materials from covered countries.
Sec. 848: Prohibition on certain procurements from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
     Subtitle F—Industrial Base Matters
Sec. 851: Modifications to printed circuit board acquisition restrictions.
Sec. 852: Modification of pilot program for development of technology-enhanced capabilities with partnership intermediaries.
Sec. 853: Additional testing of commercial e-commerce portal models.
Sec. 854: Requirement for industry days and requests for information to be open to allied defense contractors.
Sec. 855: Employment transparency regarding individuals who perform work in the People's Republic of China.
Sec. 856: Briefing on compliance with contractor lobbying restrictions.
Sec. 857: Congressional oversight of personnel and contracts of private security contractors.
     Subtitle G—Small Business Matters
Sec. 861: Exemption of certain contracts from the periodic inflation adjustments to the acquisition-related dollar threshold.
Sec. 862: Modification to the pilot program for streamlining awards for innovative technology projects.
Sec. 863: Protests and appeals relating to eligibility of business concerns.
Sec. 864: Authority for the Office of Hearings and Appeals to decide appeals relating to qualified HUBZone small business concerns.
Sec. 865: Report on unfunded priorities of the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer program.
Sec. 866: Report on Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification effects on small business.
Sec. 867: Data on Phase III Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer program awards.
     Subtitle H—Other Matters
Sec. 871: Mission management pilot program.
Sec. 872: Establishment of mission-oriented pilot programs to close significant capabilities gaps.
Sec. 873: Independent study on acquisition practices and policies.
Sec. 874: Pilot program to incentivize contracting with employee-owned businesses.
Sec. 875: Guidance, training, and report on place of performance contract requirements.
Sec. 876: Notification of certain intergovernmental support agreements.
Sec. 877: Report on requests for equitable adjustment in Department of the Navy.
Sec. 878: Military standards for armor materials in vehicle specifications.
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