National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020


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Analysis of Contracting Related Sections

Using the NDAA 2020 Pages

     Subtitle A—Acquisition Policy and Management.
Sec. 800:  Authority for continuous integration and delivery of software applications and upgrades to embedded systems.
Sec. 801:  Pilot program on intellectual property evaluation for acquisition programs.
Sec. 802:  Pilot program to use alpha contracting teams for complex requirements.
Sec. 803:  Failure to provide other than certified cost or pricing data upon request.
Sec. 804:  Comptroller General report on price reasonableness.
Sec. 805:  Limitation on transfer of funds related to cost overruns and cost underruns.
Sec. 806:  Standardizing data collection and reporting on use of source selection procedures by Federal agencies.
Sec. 807:  Department of Defense use of fixed-price contracts.
Sec. 808:  Repeal of continuation of data rights during challenges.
Sec. 809:  Repeal of authority to waive acquisition laws to acquire vital national security capabilities.
Sec. 810:  Repeal of the Defense Cost Accounting Standards Board.
     Subtitle B—Amendments to General Contracting Authorities, Procedures, and Limitations.
Sec. 815:  Modification of Director of Operational Test and Evaluation report.
Sec. 816:  Modification of written approval requirement for task and delivery order single contract awards.
Sec. 817:  Responsibility for data analysis and requirements validation for services contracts.
Sec. 818:  Documentation of market research related to commercial item determinations.
Sec. 819:  Availability of data on the use of other transaction authority and report on the use of authority to carry out prototype projects.
Sec. 820:  Notification of Navy procurement production disruptions.
Sec. 821:  Modification to acquisition authority of the Commander of the United States Cyber Command.
Sec. 822:  Extension of Never Contract With the Enemy.
Sec. 823:  Modification of justification and approval requirement for certain Department of Defense contracts.
Sec. 824:  Extension of sunset relating to Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative
Sec. 825:  Pilot program to accelerate contracting and pricing processes.
Sec. 826:  Uniformity in application of micro-purchase threshold to certain task or delivery orders.
Sec. 827:  Requirement for cost estimates on models of commercial e-commerce portal program.
     Subtitle C—Provisions Relating to Major Defense Acquisition Programs
Sec. 830:  Modification of requirements for reporting to Congress on certain acquisition programs.
Sec. 831:  Pilot program to streamline decision-making processes for weapon systems.
Sec. 832:  Analysis of alternatives pursuant to materiel development decisions.
Sec. 833:  Naval vessel certification required before Milestone B approval.
     Subtitle D—Provisions Relating to the Acquisition System.
Sec. 835:  Extramural acquisition innovation and research activities.
Sec. 836:  Report on realignment of the defense acquisition system to implement acquisition reforms.
Sec. 837:  Report and limitation on the availability of funds relating to the ‘‘middle tier’’ of acquisition programs.
Sec. 838:  Report on intellectual property policy and the cadre of intellectual property experts.
Sec. 839:  Guidance and reports relating to covered defense business systems.
Sec. 840:  Implementation guidance for use of a modular open system approach.
Sec. 841:   Limitation on availability of funds for the Office of the Chief Management Officer of the Department of Defense.
     Subtitle E—Industrial Base Matters.
Sec. 845:  Modernization of acquisition processes to ensure integrity of industrial base.
Sec. 846:  Report requirements for the national technology and industrial base.
Sec. 847:  Mitigating risks related to foreign ownership, control, or influence of Department of Defense contractors or subcontractors.
Sec. 848:  Prohibition on operation or procurement of foreign-made unmanned aircraft systems.
Sec. 849:  Modification of prohibition on acquisition of sensitive materials from non-allied foreign nations.
Sec. 850:  Acquisition and disposal of certain rare earth materials.
Sec. 851:  Pilot program for development of technology-enhanced capabilities with partnership intermediaries.
Sec. 852:  Authorized official to carry out the procurement technical assistance cooperative agreement program.
Sec. 853:  Requirement that certain ship components be manufactured in the national technology and industrial base.
Sec. 854:  Addition of domestically produced stainless steel flatware and dinnerware to the Berry Amendment.
Sec. 855:  Application of miscellaneous technology base policies and programs to the Columbia-class submarine program.
Sec. 856:  Application of limitation on procurement of goods other than United States goods to the FFG–Frigate Program.
Sec. 857:  Sense of Congress regarding consideration of price in procurement of the FFG(X) frigate.
     Subtitle F—Provisions Relating to Acquisition Workforce
Sec. 860:  Establishment of Defense Civilian Training Corps.
Sec. 861:  Defense acquisition workforce certification, education, and career fields.
Sec. 862:  Software development and software acquisition training and management programs.
Sec. 863:  Modification of temporary assignments of Department of Defense employees to a private-sector organization.
Sec. 864:  Incentives and consideration for qualified training programs.
Sec. 865:  Use of qualified apprentices by military construction contractors.
     Subtitle G—Small Business Matters
Sec. 870:  Requirements relating to credit for certain small business concern subcontractors.
Sec. 871:  Inclusion of best in class designations in annual report on small business goals.
Sec. 872:  Reauthorization and improvement of Department of Defense MentorProtege Program.
Sec. 873:  Accelerated payments applicable to contracts with certain small business concerns under the Prompt Payment Act.
Sec. 874:  Postaward explanations for unsuccessful offerors for certain contracts
Sec. 875:  Small business contracting credit for subcontractors that are Puerto Rico businesses or covered territory businesses.
Sec. 876:   Technical amendment regarding treatment of certain surviving spouses under the definition of small business concern owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans.
Sec. 877:  Extension of loan assistance and deferral eligibility to reservists and members of the National Guard beyond periods of military conflict.
Sec. 878:  Modification to the Defense Research and Development Rapid Innovation Program.
Sec. 879:  Alignment of the Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research Program and Small Business Technology Transfer Program with the National Defense Science and Technology Strategy.
Sec. 880:  Assistance for small business concerns participating in the SBIR and STTR programs.
Sec. 881:  Cybersecurity technical assistance for SBIR and STTR programs.
Sec. 882:  Funding for defense research activities of small business concerns.
Sec. 883:  Modifications to budget display requirements for the Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research Program and Small Business Technology Transfer Program.
Sec. 884:  Pilot program for domestic investment under the SBIR program.
     Subtitle H—Other Matters
Sec. 885:  Review of guidance to contractors on nondiscrimination on the basis of sex.
Sec. 886:  Comptroller General report on contractor violations of certain labor laws.
Sec. 887:  Comptroller General report on contingency contracting.
Sec. 888:  Policies and procedures for contractors to report gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.
Sec. 889:  Comptroller General report on oversight of contractors providing private security functions.
Sec. 890:  Prohibition on contracting with persons that have business operations with the Maduro regime.
Sec. 891:  Report on the Combating Trafficking in Persons initiative.
Sec. 892:  Improved management of information technology and cyberspace investments.
Sec. 893:  Modification to requirements for purchase of commercial leasing services pursuant to multiple award contracts.
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