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Part 5 - Publicizing Contract Actions

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If soliciting for an Agency Multiple Award BPA under FAR 8.405-3(b)(2)(v)(B) using a GSA MAS/FSS over 1M$, is this exempt synopsizing in the GPE?  Market research supports there will be at least three quotes received from schedule contractors that can fulfill the requirement.   

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Yes.  When the value is order the SAT, you have two choices:


(v)  If estimated value of the BPA exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold. The ordering activity contracting officer-

(A)  Shall post the RFQ on e-Buy to afford all schedule contractors offering the required supplies or services under the appropriate multiple-award schedule an opportunity to submit a quote; or

(B)  Shall provide the RFQ, which includes the statement of work and evaluation criteria, to as many schedule contractors as practicable, consistent with market research appropriate to the circumstances, to reasonably ensure that quotes will be received from at least three contractors that can fulfill the requirements. When fewer than three quotes are received from schedule contractors that can fulfill the requirements, the contracting officer shall document the file. The contracting officer shall prepare a written determination explaining that no additional contractors capable of fulfilling the requirements could be identified despite reasonable efforts to do so. The determination must clearly explain efforts made to obtain quotes from at least three schedule contractors.

You probably are confused by subparagraph (A) when it refers to e-Buy. e-Buy is not the GPE.  Rather it’s a GSA built system that notifies Schedule contract holders of an opportunity.  

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I think the exception for synopsizing pursuant to FAR 5.201 is FAR 5.202(a)(11) "The proposed contract action is made under the terms of an existing contract that was previously synopsized in sufficient detail to comply with the requirements of 5.207 with respect to the current proposed contract action;" 

I think the reference above by @formerfed is the requirement to issue an RFQ (solicitation), not to synopsizing. 

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