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  1. Thank you - I see where the FAR states that only GAO can hear TO protests over $25M. That answers my original question.
  2. Very professional. I hope you aren't responsible for developing others since you clearly don't condone thinking outside the box.
  3. I'm not sure how this directly relates to competition or performance. Are you saying that contractors will perform poorly if they can't protest to GAO? Also, this is already in place for TOs under $25M. This would just expand the rule that is already in place to over all of our TOs (many of which exceed $25M).
  4. Check out Part 9: Contractor Responsibility - then check the AFARS.
  5. Thanks for your insight. Do you recall if in that instance the govt. was still allowing protest to the agency and COFC? We don't want to deny all rights to protest - just GAO.
  6. Under a Multiple Award IDIQ can the government state that vendors who choose to provide a proposal do so with the understanding that they waive their right to protest the award decision to GAO? In this scenario we are assuming that the TO exceeds the $25M threshold. The RFP would state that protests must be submitted to the agency or COFC.
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