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As part of Proposal submission -Requesting a copy of DCAA audit report

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Hello All,

I was just wondering if it is going too far when the KO requests a copy of the DCAA audit report with proposal submission on a cost type contract. Shouldn't the letter from DCAA/DCMA stating that the cost accounting system/purchasing system is acceptable enough?

What happens if the vendor has the DCAA/DCMA letter, but does not have the audit report itself?

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I interpret your question as being: "When I submit a proposal for a cost type contract, the KO wants me to discuss the status of my business systems. Normally I provide a letter from DCAA/DCMA that states my business systems are acceptable. But this time the KO wants me to provide the original audit report(s) that supported the official determinations. I don't have the audit reports. What should I do?"

In my experience a status of systems letter on DCMA letterhead has been sufficient. Nobody has ever requested the actual audit reports. If a KO did request them, I would refer that KO to my cognizant ACO for business systems. The audit report(s) may be irrelevant, especially if the ACO overruled the functional specialist finding/recommendation and that position was sustained by the Board of Review.

You may ask: "But what if the KO demands I provide the audit report or else I will be found not to be a responsible offeror?"

In that case i would consult with a good attorney and consider filing an agency-level pre-award protest, because such a position may be unreasonable, especially if the audit report in question was overridden by the ACO or if the audit report was never provided to the contractor.

Hope this helps.

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