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No-Cost Agreements and CICA/Competition

17 April 2012 - 09:07 AM

Hello All. Has anyone had much experience with no-cost agreements? (If so, could you please share your experience)

Based on my research, the FAR does not apply to no-cost agreements; however, CICA may apply. Would I need to conduct competition or could I go directly with a vendor since there is no exchange of appropriated money?

Additionally, if the FAR does not apply to no-cost agreements, how can GSA vendors allow for no-cost contracting procedures within their schedule since they are governed by the FAR?

Lastly, in my research I have found that in no-cost arrangements, “agencies should ensure an open, transparent selection process before entering into no-cost contracts.” To what level of transparency is required, especially if this does not need to be competed?

Any help is much appreciated!