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Breaking Defense (2/23, Gill) reports that when it “comes to landing defense contracts, non-traditional defense firms, including startups, have so little chance against the towering traditional primes that there is ‘no fair competition,’ according to blunt remarks from” Anduril Industries Chief Revenue Officer Matthew Steckman. During a panel discussion at the WEST 2022 conference last week, Steckman said, “I would love someone to do a study to figure out how many open competitions are wired for a winner ahead of time before that solicitation ever hits the light of day. … It’s got to be 85%, right? … There is no fair competition.” Steckman described how he would “do things if he were the Pentagon, including forcing competitions to include the fielding of technology and the ‘actual demonstration of something real in the world,’ as opposed to theoretical tech or designs.” Steckman also said, “I would pour a tremendous amount of money into the winner. … I wouldn’t sort of skirt around and do innovation theater and write million dollar checks here or there.”

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