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Commercial Items "scenarios" for training

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16 hours ago, elevenohtoo said:

Does anyone have real life "scenarios" re commercial items that could be used for a training exercise? Perhaps from a DAU class. 

"Receive package to buy pencils/buy pencils/closeout - repeat"

What is the training focused on accomplishing? Market research, acquisition procedures, determining if commercial/none commercial or what???

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On 5/12/2021 at 10:10 AM, Vern Edwards said:

Wait... What kind of pencils?

Some SOWs for pencils (I’m sure):

"The pencil shall confirm to the following standards:

- 6. 275' in length; 3.068 mm in circumference; wood must be sourced from a northern California Abies lowiana Tree (AKA - California White Fir) between 2006 and 2007;

- pigment core must be made of locally sourced Graphite, between 2001 (JAN 3rd) and 2001 (MARCH 22nd) and .507 mm in circumference;

- The pencil must be capable of writing 6,000 words, in cursive, on a single sharpening, the text must be at a minimum a 9/10 on the darkness scale (see link – (Department of Education Fake Link);

- The text (for darkness scale see bullet point 3.5 above to review) must be erasable, utilizing only 2.96 strokes of the eraser in a left to right, per word;

- The metal portion of the eraser shall house the eraser and be sourced from Tajikistan (post-Soviet Iron Curtain period) and cured to 3,000 degrees to make sure the eraser doesn’t fall out mid-erase).

- The eraser shall/must/always be . . . “

I’ll stop here as I am wasting my time, having to much fun and you’ll get the point.



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8 hours ago, formerfed said:

I meant that jokingly.  I should have used a smiley emoji 

I mean, I didn't provide you with the delivery instructions (which were going to be fun - "once a week/Tuesday//at 7:01 AM/to a government employee that probably won't be there once awarded/etc.). Therefore, the SOW was in that sense incomplete. 

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