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Finding teaming opportunity?


Thanks for reviewing my threads.

We were able to find interested vendors posting for an RFP in old FBO (Fed Business Ops). As this become new SAM . we did not see this info in SAM. This new SAM is not friendly as FBO.

Where/how can we find the interesting  vendors for RFPs?

Thanks for your guidance.



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SAM has changed some things that is for sure.   You might have already read this but.....


If the agency posting the notice has enabled the Interested Vendors List (IVL), a link will be available on the left navigation menu of the notice. You must be logged in to access this feature.

  • Select the link in the navigation menu, then select “Add me to the Interested Vendors List.”
  • To remove yourself from the IVL, follow the same path and select “Remove me from the Interested Vendors List.”

When you add your entity to the IVL, the entity details from your account will display. If your account is not tied to an entity, you won’t be able to add yourself to the IVL. If the agency has allowed vendors access to view the IVL, other interested vendors will be able to view your entity details.

REF: https://www.fsd.gov/gsafsd_sp?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0017569&sys_kb_id=b57ce86c1b6b2c18a7d7da49bc4bcb12&spa=1

Here is another place to find possible opportunities.....



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