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Order Competition Reporting - down in the FPDS-NG weeds question

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A seemingly easy question for which I can't seem to find a definitive answer. 

Orders.  Their competition information is reported in FPDS-NG.  I am trying to verify the correct values for "Extent Competed"  for three types of orders.  I think the Extent Competed depends on how the parent contract (IDIQ) was competed, and whether the parent contract (IDIQ) is single-award or multiple-award.

1) Multiple-award  IDIQ. Competitively awarded IDIQ using full and open. 

  • Competitive Delivery Order or
  • Non-Competitive Delivery Order (needs an justification for exception to fair opportunity- JEFO)
  • Full and Open Competition

2) Single-award IDIQ.  Competitively awarded IDIQ using full and open.

  • Not Available for Competition 
  • Full and Open Competition

3) Single-award IDIQ. Non-competitive IDIQ. 

  • Not Available for Competition
  • Not Competed
  • Non-Competitive Delivery Order


Is this correct?

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