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I'm not sure what use of SAP has to do with contract type and even commerciality.

FAR 13.106-1(a)(2)(iv)(A), states:

(A) The contracting officer may choose not to include price or cost [emphasis added] as an evaluation factor for award when a solicitation...

Yes, we may; the FAR does not preclude us from doing so.

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30 minutes ago, Vern Edwards said:

Can you use simplified acquisition procedures to award a cost-reimbursement contract?

I think so. I don't know what would prohibit it. FAR 13.302-1(a) says:


Except as provided under the unpriced purchase order method (see 13.302-2), purchase orders generally are issued on a fixed-price basis. See 12.207 for acquisition of commercial items.

That suggests that there could be exceptions.

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I agree with Don.

If you are asking about whether a non-commercial purchase order may be awarded as a cost-reimbursement, I would argue that 13.302-1 only advises that purchase orders "generally are issued on a fixed-price basis."  "Generally" doesn't imply exclusivity.

My question is, would you have any concerns with meeting the requirements of 16.301-2 & -3 if utilizing SAP?



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No imperative in this citation but it does make me wonder if a cost reimbursement procurement using SAP would meet the intent of 13.002 Purpose?  But then again I imagine the intent of "Purpose" gets bastardized every which way for supposed SAP procurements.   Further there are many examples where SAP solicited work has a mix of FFP and cost reimbursement CLINS for travel  as one common example.

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