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I've been handed a recently awarded GSA schedule contract, 00 CORP, which has some labor categories which are mapped to wage determination occupations.

The documentation refers to to the wage determination 2015-4281, which is for Alexandria, Virginia.  It does not refer to a revision number.

The revision number in place now is #16, and it was in place a few days ago at the start of the schedule contract.

I'm wondering how to interpret this when revisions #17 and #18 come along.  Presumably they will have higher wages and H&W benefits.

What will be the impact on the schedule labor rates?

For example, Accounting Clerk I now has a wage of $19.10 and $4.22 in H&W.  If in revision #17 this goes to $20.00 and $5.00, what is the impact on the schedule rate?


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Not a complete expert here but as I understand GSA does a "Refresh" to update such things as wage determinations.  When they do I believe a contractor is allowed to consider possible price changes subject to contract clause 52.222-43 which I believe is in the subject GSA FSS.  

This may be of an assist as well - https://www.gsa.gov/cdnstatic/_Modification Guidance - June refresh 2020 .pdf

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