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Construction Contract Format


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I'm new to construction contracts and I was wondering if there is a format for construction contracts. IAW FAR 15.204 the Uniform Contract Format need not be used for Construction The contract is for abatement, remediation services and I am not using FAR Part 12.

Which sections should I use to prepare the solicitation, it is under the SAT? I don't see a format in FAR Part 36.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you 


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You are correct there is no format for construction solicitation/contract stipulated in the FAR, with exception the cover contract form to be used.   Ref. FAR 53.236-1.   I suggest you check with your agency FAR supplement and policy as there may be a preferred format.   In the alternative a check in SAM for solicitations issued by your agency for construction projects may give you ideas for a formatting.

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