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Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud Procurement


Are you following the actions on the JEDI Cloud procurement?  

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  1. 1. Are you following the actions on the JEDI Cloud procurement?

    • No, I have my own work to follow.
    • Yes, but only a few lines, here and there, from news articles.
    • Yes, I am following it closely because I am concerned that it might have a lasting effect on the federal procurement process.

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In the JEDI Cloud procurement, DoD is seeking an enterprise cloud services solution that will accelerate DoD’s adoption of cloud computing technology.  DoD concluded that a single award, IDIQ would best meet its needs.

On December 6, 2018, Oracle America, Inc. filed a pre-award bid protest.  Judge Bruggink of the the Court of Federal Claims issued his opinion on July 26, 2019.   It was posted on Wifcon.com's Home Page on July 29, 2019. Oracle's protest had three primary challenges. First, it argued that the decision to use a single award as opposed to multiple awards was a violation of law. This argument has two components because the decision to use a single award had to be made both by an Under Secretary of Defense and independently by the contracting officer (CO).  Second, it argued that the use of certain gate criteria, the application of which led to Oracle’s exclusion, were improper. Third, it contends that conflicts of interest on the part of DoD employees and Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), one of the other offerors, prejudicially affected the procurement.  AWS intervened in the protest.

The procurement is valued at about $10 billion and has drawn lobbyists and politicians into action.  I won't say more.

I've added a poll to see if anyone is following this procurement and to what degree, if any.  All responses are anonymous.

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