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About What Happened.


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You posted a contracting topic for discussion or asked a contracting question.  Often, we are left wondering how your issue or topic was resolved.  For example, did you contact the contracting officer for further information, file a bid protest, file a claim, etc.

Here is how you can use "What Happened?"  

  1. Find the discussion or question you originally posted by going to it. 
  2. While you are there, go to the "url address" window above and highlight it with your cursur.  Copy it.
  3. Once you have it copied, return to this area and start your "What Happened" discussion.  Paste the url address that you copied into you initial post in this area.
  4. After the first post is made, others may respond to it.

This is a test done for a member.  If it is used, it will stay.  If not, it will be removed.  If this area is removed, the posts will be moved to the original topic, if possible.

If you have any questions or suggestion let me know.

The Section 809 panel discussion area, that was once at the top of the page, is now listed at the bottom of this page. 

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I will try to make the purpose of this more clear in the future.  However, it must run on its own.  

In short any original poster (OP) starts a topic under the other forums, eg., workforce, contract award, contract administration, etc.  The OP says he/she is going to do something.  What happened is for any OP that asked something in any other forum and said he/she was going to do something to return here to --What Happened--and tell us what he/she did.  

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