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Policy Memo on TINA Sweeps - Referenced Spector Memo

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So I’ve been following this thread for some time and no one seems to have raised this aspect of potential unintended consequences.

According to the DPAP memo, a company which is habitually late in complying with the 5 day sweep policy is exhibiting signs of a defective estimating system and may be grounds for review.

many of the top DOD contractors have approved estimating systems, and in my experience, the presence of such a system usually positively affects management ratings in competitive proposals as well as cost realism adjustments. 

It seems as though a large contractor is stuck between the risk of missing something in its sweep and having to defend against a defective pricing claim, or possibly the loss of confidence in its estimating system which can be a competitive advantage in a competitive award. 

Given that many of these same companies have products and services they sole source to various DOD agencies while competing for other lines of business, this policy appears to be quite heavy handed to me. It’s almost like DPAP is threatening give me a certificate in five days or face  possible downgrade of one of your business systems and thereby potentially lose future business.


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