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I'm struggling to find much clarity on this when read through DOL, IRS, or even other areas online, as it appears much of this may be discretionary.  However, I'm hoping I might get some insight here.  I will attempt to outline as much as I can think of.

  • Company Pay Periods are Semi-Monthly, 1st and 15th
  • If a minimum amount of hours are not met in a specific pay period, it will be LWOP for a full-time salary exempt employee (e.g. 160 pay period, must have 160 hours at minimum, either through direct project, PTO, etc.)
  • We are trying to allow for flexibility for alternate work schedules to align to some of our Government customers.  (e.g. 9-hours per day, every other Friday off), however, this type of structure does not align to our pay periods, as some pay periods may have 2, or 3 Fridays.

I've heard of companies that seem to "not care" or have a set policy on this, however, have not seen those policies myself.  One example is a company that apparently sets a 1650 billable hour quota and once that's met for the year, that's all that matters, regardless if it takes 12 months, or 9 months, and if 9 months, the employee can take the remaining 3 months off.  I find this unrealistic and I don't see how that could possibly work.  I'm open to any thoughts on how I can work through this challenge or how it's done elsewhere.

If more information is needed, please feel free to ask and I can address additional questions.

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