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2689 (GSA SBA setaside form)

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Hi All

I was told my a upper management Contracting Officer that I must fill out and have the 2689 approved prior to synopsis.  I have always used a Sources Sought and/or RFI to gauge interest, then synopsis per the requirements of the FAR.  I have never considered that there was an order in which these needed to be completed.  I can not find a reference to this in the FAR or GSAM.  Is there a FAR regulation that covers this or is it just good contracting practice.  I'm good either way, but am concerned I have been doing it incorrectly for some time.


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Guest PepeTheFrog
2 hours ago, Tracy98375 said:

I was told my a upper management Contracting Officer

Career advice: never consider this anything other than the opinion of one person. If you are a professional, you will not accept personal opinion as authoritative. You will research a topic to find a regulation, statute, policy, court decision, OFPP memorandum, Executive Order, something...but you will not rely on what "somebody told me."

You should ask this "upper management Contracting Officer" for the proper authority. Be very polite and deferential, play dumb, and stress that you are eager to learn. No need to make anyone upset.

If your "upper management Contracting Officer" gives you an answer like any of the following, even after being pressed for a legitimate, written authority, then you should consider that person to be incompetent and untrustworthy:

"That's how we do here."

"We always do it that way."

"I've been doing this for a million years, and that's the way it is supposed to be done."

"My boss told me to do it that way."

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I agree with the Frog, especially his comment about un-sourced information.  I was always taught to expect that from others and it is what I do when I answer others.

I would still take the un-sourced information and consider it, but not take it as being 100% correct without some other sourced corroboration.  Of course, even if the supervisor does not source their requirement, you may still be compelled to comply in certain situations.

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