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GAO bans company from protesting-1 year

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Latavian Connections, B-413442 has just been banned from protesting for 1 year.  I've personally dealt with some of these when I was in policy.  Here are a few interesting tidbits.



Our records show that Latvian Connection has filed an additional 296 protests in prior fiscal years; almost all of these protests were filed in the last five years.  In addition, the firm has filed 9 requests that it be reimbursed its protest costs (all were dismissed as legally insufficient), and 40 requests for reconsideration (4 pending, 3 dismissed as untimely, and 33 dismissed as legally insufficient). 

In a single week in fiscal year 2015, Latvian Connection filed 59 separate protests challenging what the protester termed were Air Force solicitations.  All 59 protests were dismissed when it became evident that the 59 solicitations that Latvian Connection was challenging did not actually exist.  Latvian Connection, LLC, B‑410801, et al., Dec. 22, 2014, 2014 CPD ¶ 380.


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