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Tips on Developing a Poll


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When you go to the Poll category, you will see the Start New Topic button.  Click it to get started with your Poll.  After you clicked, the Poll tab will be to your right.  Use the Content tab to discuss your poll and use the Poll tab to conduct your Poll.

Filling out the Poll

After you clicked the Poll tab, you will see a box with Poll Title.  That is not your question.  However, it will lead off your Poll so make it similar to your anticipated Poll question.  Underneath that, you will see a question Make voter names public?  Leave that blank for an anonymous poll.  Then you will see an Add Question box.  Click that to go to your Poll question.  Ask your question in the Question Title block.  There will be 2 other blocks for possible Choices.  Those Choices are the answers you will give members to choose from.  You can add more choices, if you want.  The final block will be for multiple choice questions.  Fill it in only if you want a multiple choice Poll.

Marketing 101

To get a response to your Poll, Dumb It Down!  You are marketing your Poll to other members and you must convince them to respond.  Keep It Simple!  If other members cannot figure out your question, your Poll is DOA.  Forget the complex questions! 

Now, on to your Choices.  Remember, this is the age of brevity.  Don't try to conduct a discussion through your Poll.  Try to get a response to your Poll by providing simple Choices.  The best choices are Yes or No.  Polling, is an art.  Your goal is to get responses from individuals who do not have to respond--and that is difficult.  Make them want to respond and see the results of your Poll.

Success or Failure

Determining success or failure is easy.  The Wifcon.com success rate for a Poll is about 1/2 of 1 percent of registered members or 20 responses.  That is pathetically low.  If your Poll cannot achieve that, it will be banished from the Poll area.

Now, what is real success?  Suppose you get over 20 responses and you get several replies to your post that you provide with your Poll.  That is as good as it gets.  You made it!  You are a Wifcon.com Pollster.


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I have reopened all polls except for the one entitled:  H. R. 5472's Calculation of Cost Savings Resulting from Competition.  In the future, I will check to see if this bill, or a similar bill, was reintroduced in the 115th Congress.

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