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Interpreting what "Neutral" means in the eyes of GAO- Past Performance-


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Guest PepeTheFrog
22 hours ago, Vern Edwards said:

Keep in mind that the sole function of raings and scores is to simplify more complex information in order to facilitate comparison.

PepeTheFrog thinks Vern Edwards' statement is worth repeating. Many contracting professionals don't understand this key concept. The ratings are shorthand for the underlying, more complex information-- the strengths, weaknesses, etc. The underlying, more complex information is what a sound decision should be based upon, not a formulaic "conclusion" based on the ratings in isolation.

What good is a conclusion with no premises? How useful is an answer (to a complex question) that provides no explanation? Check the Wifcon forums regularly to find out.


Thanks, folks, you're too kind! PepeTheFrog will be here all night, tip your waiter!

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