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All, I have a CPFF contract for which my company did a voluntary cost share.  The cost share portion of the contract covered primarily material and some subcontract services/supplies.  Should there exist residual material on this contract that falls under the cost share (everything has been properly segregated is it handled as a typical CPFF?  I.E. even though the material was funded by the cost-share portion of the contract does it belong to the government?  Or would the material purchased under the cost share belong to the contractor?  Is there any FAR support for this type of situation?

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Guest Vern Edwards


Some questions for you:

  1. You had a CPFF contract, not a formal cost-sharing contract pursuant to FAR 16.303?
  2. Explain what you mean by "voluntary cost share." In what sense did you "volunteer" to "share" costs?
  3. By "voluntary," do you mean that there was no written agreement about it with the Government?
  4. If you had a written agreement, did it specify how materials costs were to be allocated? If so, how specific was it in that regard? What do you mean when you say that costs were "segregated"? What costs? Segregated how? By specific agreement?
  5. Is your contract with DOD or a civilian agency? If a civilian agency, which one?
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