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Greetings everyone,

I just recieved a contract from one of my program offices that was being worked by a CO that is no longer in the organization. This contract expired 2 months ago, however the last deliverable was never complete because of a Government delay. I have email traffic from the CO to the vendor informing them that this contract will be extended however it never did get extended and we still want the deliverable once the Government has complteted their research within the next month. What are my options at this point, can we still continue with the last deliverable as if the contract is still valid or do i have to some how breath life back into this expired contract? Any direction would be greatly appreciated

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Guest Vern Edwards

When you say that the contract expired, do you mean that the period of performance has closed? If so, you can extend the period of performance after the fact for any number of reasons. It sounds like there was a government-cased delay. Extend it based on that. This is not a big deal. It's quite common.

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