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What is the definition of "Minimum requirements of the Government" Continued...

joel hoffman

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(Original thread is found here: http://www.wifcon.com/discussion/index.php?/topic/707-what-is-the-definition-of-minimum-requirements-of-the-government/ )

I just reviewed the original thread and realized that the last paragraph of Boof's 8 July 2010 closing post is really hilarious:

I thank everyone for their input and Vern for pointing out the source of the Cadillac vs Chevy saying.

I guess I just have to negotiate with my clients over what should be their needs versus what I think is a want. I usually try to use the Washington Post test with them. How would they like to see thier justification on the front page behind their name. It works most of the time.

It seems like the issue always surfaces in orders for vehicles and household/office equipment. I have actually been told that they "needed" a BMW because they "had" to travel at 200KM an hour on the autobahn and thier safety would be in question in a lesser car. No, they were not law enforcement. Meanwhile I drive a Chevy Cavilier on the Autobahn just fine every day.

"Their" safety would be in question in ANY car if they "had" to travel at 200KM per hour (~125 mph) on the autobahn...

When I last travelled to Germany in 2010, there were more sections of the Autobahn with posted speed limits (all WELL below 200 "Klicks"). I was stationed in Germany in the late 1980's. The DOD had speed limits for Government vehicles. 😂

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Boy you are going into my ancient history. Actually I am TDY in Frankfurt this month. yes there are a lot of speed limits now compared to 1984 to 1987 when I was with the Air Force at Ramstein. I think the A63 from Mainz to KTown is still pretty unrestricted.

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