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Authority for De-Obligation of Excess Funds FFP - Commercial Services


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Lionel has probably proffered the best answer regarding the recent type of contract discussion, IMO.

The government requires 2080 hours of physician coverage.  It is clearly not a level of effort contract, as there are no fixed tasks to be completed and measured.  It's also not a labor hours contract, as government personnel determine the number of hours needed.  The fact that the number of hours is an estimate could probably be handled better.

Vern's answer on 6/8/2015 answered the OP's question just fine, and ji20874 provided another good answer when the thread was resurrected.


PS - VA1102, you're welcome to reach out to me directly (is there an IM function here?) and we can talk more about VA-specific stuff. 

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Guest Vern Edwards

Everyone should keep in mind that the original thread ended on June 8, 2015, not two months shy of a year ago. It was resurrected on Wednesday. We haven't heard from the OP since.

The only description we have of the contract that was the basis for the OP is this, from two posts:


I have a question regarding contractual authority on a FFP commercial services contract. This contract is for physician services paid at an hourly rate. The contract states that the annual quantity is 2,080 hours. We are at the end of the base period of performance, and the government only used 1,980 hours. I now need to modify the contract and de-obligate the excess funds. What authority do I have to modify the contract and de-obligate the excess funds?... The reason that the full 2,080 hours weren't provided was that the patient workload was not as high as we initially anticipated.

The was no debate about contract type.

Bob should have closed the thread after it had been dead for a couple of months. After a thread has been dead for a while, it's better to proceed with the discussion in a new thread than try to restart an old one.

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