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Occasionally, we procure consultants who in turn procure goods and services for my employer. These are things like insurance brokers, health care benefits consultants, energy consultants, etc. We find sometimes that these consultants don't in turn procure the way we do. I saw the posting of Latvian Connection, LLC B-410947: Mar 31, 2015 on WIFCON's home page today, which reinforces that these firms do not have carte blanche to practice business as usual when working on our behalf.

We have been able to prevent this kind of thing though monitoring and inserting language in our agreements which require full and open competition, but I'm paranoid about missing something like this. Worried in particular about these consultants deliberately not obtaining quotes from firms they dislike, etc.

Full disclosure: I work in local government now where we have no small business set-aside or Certificate of Competency regime, where the exact Latvian circumstances don't apply. I have also been out of the Federal side for a few year, so I apologize if my knowledge is a little stale.

Question: Are there any other instances of procuring procurers which I may be missing? Thanks in advance for all of your help. My initial list is

  • Energy Consultants
  • Reverse Auctioneers (to an extent)
  • Insurance Brokers
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