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Can a Subsidiary and the Parent Organization use the same GSA Schedule?

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Good Morning.

I have long consulted WIFCON when researching questions/topics, but this is my first post as a registered member. Glad to be an official part of the community!

My company is planning on breaking up our existing structure and creating several subsidiary organizations all tied to a parent organization. They will be independent subsidiaries, not divisions or departments. Some people in our company believe that the subsidiary organizations will all be able to continue to use the same GSA Schedule (currently on 70 and MOBIS) that will be help by the parent organization (ie, multiple subsidiaries all using the same schedule). Others believe that, since a subsidiary is supposed to be independent of the parent, our current GSA schedules will have to be novated to one of the subsidiaries and each subsidiary will need to obtain their own schedules (ie, no sharing of GSA schedules among parent or subsidiaries).

We plan on reaching out to our GSA contracting officer in the future, but I'd love to know if anyone has had any experience with this situation.

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