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Rates Only for Price Evaluation (ROPE) in PTIA


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I have an upcoming requirement for a BPA and was thinking of using the "ROPE" technique for pricing. Has anyone used this technique as described on the PTIA?


Their description talks to not providing the estimated number of hours with vendors but every example they show has worksheets with estimates. I'm curious what everyone's experience is with asking for just the rates and not providing estimated numbers of hours. Does this really make anything easier or better? 

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15 hours ago, Retreadfed said:

Are you talking about a Part 8 BPA or a Part 13 BPA?  Also, why are you worried about hours for a BPA?

A Part 8 BPA, the hours would be used just to develop a total evaluated price to ensure the total price is fair and reasonable and compare the proposals on price for any tradeoffs we do. 

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