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Is this contract closed?


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11 hours ago, C Culham said:

The thought.   Once the RA's (Requesting Activiity) requisition goes to the acquisition office it makes good business sense that the RA's efforts do not stop there.   The RA should be initmate with the resulting solicitation, evaluation and award no matter how simple to sophisticated the procurment is.  A shared effort in my view by both the RA and procurment office.   The basic example - here is what was requested by you (RA) and here is what we (procurement office) are doing to get it for you (RA).   

Carl, I’m just responding to your comment in general and not specifically to the OP, his agency, of this subject action.

A huge problem across the government is a lack of communication, collaboration, and partnering between RAs and contracting offices.  Some agencies/offices do an outstanding job but the majority seem to build a high wall between the two organizations.  But for the contracting process to be effective, it’s a two way street.   It’s incumbent on RAs to have at least a basic working knowledge of the contracting process.  Ideally a RA shouldn’t be submitting a requisition, except for other than relatively straight forward actions, without contracting’s prior knowledge, preliminary planning, and involvement.  But I know in reality this usually isn’t the situation.

An RA deserves some basic service from a contracting office - general guidance and assistance specially at the onset of an identified need, acknowledgement of receipt and assignment of a requisition after preparation and submission,  estimated timeframes provided for completion of the contracting action, and communication of status and necessary RA actions.  In turn, the RA needs to reach out and proactively ask questions and provide needed information and clarification to ensure the contract specialist fully understands the need/requirement.

In any event, a contract specialist/contracting officer should be certain their actions are consistent with the RAs needs.  With everything being electronic now, it’s so easy to send draft documents to RAs for a quick review and concurrence prior to issuance or proceeding to award.

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