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Assignment of Claims - Execution Procedures

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What besides the policies and procedures in FAR subpart 32.8, the contract clause at 52.232-23 Assignment of Claims and any applicable agency supplements or policies do you want to know about?

Are you working for the government or a non-government entity?

If the government, do you have access to an agency attorney? 


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Here is a helpful DCMA reference. Although it is Agency specific, it contains plentiful details and numerous references.


However, unless you can provide more information about your needs concerning “process[ing] an assignment of claims” and what party to the contract you work for, I’m not going to research any deeper. I may be wasting my time.

Your initial post was devoid of any information. It isn’t reasonable to ask others to spend time researching this important aspect without providing any  context. 

From the government side, legal review of an assignment of claims is a likely a must.

From the contractor view, you should have legal involvement due to the subject matter of an assignment of claims. 

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